Wonder Woman's DCEU Movie Connections Explained

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WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Wonder Woman.


With Wonder Woman's first origin film now in theaters, DCEU fans have one question: what connections are drawn between it and other Justice League heroes, storylines, or possible hints towards the next phase of DC's movie universe. Since Diana's first adventure is set a full century before the events of either Batman V Superman or Man of Steel, you might not think there would be more links than the usual Wonder Woman/DC Comic easter eggs - but you would be wrong.

Whether it's a brief appearance from Bruce Wayne's employees, an introduction to the gods set to appear in Justice League's opening battle scenes, or purely thematic explanations adding more meaning to Diana's later story, fans will want to take note. They may not be caught by every single viewer, but if you're charting the course taken by Wonder Woman from her first days among the Amazons of Themyscira up to Batman V Superman and beyond, Wonder Woman is guaranteed to reward the detail-oriented.

And needless to say, there will be SPOILERS in our breakdown of Wonder Woman DCEU Movie Connections Explained.

Bruce Doesn't Know Diana's Secret - Yet

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While the bulk of Diana's origin story is set in the early 1900s, the film begins with Diana living what appears to be her day-to-day life in Paris, France (as was implied to be the case in the Batman V Superman surveillance video). But for those who thought that scenes, conversations, or shared agreements were filling in the gaps between Superman's death and his funeral, or between the film's conclusion and where Justice League begins - think again. It looks like Diana headed home after Clark Kent's burial, and more or less returned to the life she was living.

Diana isn't expecting the package delivered by Bruce Wayne's personal security detail, apparently not even caring enough to read the handwritten note accompanying the item. Tossing it aside, it's only when Diana discovers the original photograph of her WWI days that she inspects the note. In it, Bruce explains that he has done his best to keep her secret - but that he hopes to hear her story someday. We're hoping that means in the course of Justice League, and fans should be pleased that they haven't missed out on any early Bruce/Diana bonding so far.

Get Ready For More Zeus

After the first official trailer for Justice League showed glimpses of what looked to be the Amazons battling Apokoliptian Parademons, fans may have hoped to see some similar hints and teases of the Amazons' ancient origins in Wonder Woman's own origin story. The film doesn't deliver on that hope, but it does give some insight into the history of their people - particularly the... close relationship they shared with Zeus above all other Olympian Gods. It was Zeus who created Mankind, according to Hippolyta's bedtime story, and created the Amazons to protect them.

It's a good first story to help set the stage for the opening battle of Justice League, set thousands of years in the past when the forces of Mankind, Atlantis, and the Amazons united to resist the invasion of Darkseid's forces. We know that Zeus will be on hand to help Earth's forces, judging by the concept art and conversations we witnessed during our trip to Justice League's set. So if Zeus is now Wonder Woman's father, expect to see how his own superpowers in that sequence relate to Diana's. Not to mention some serious side-eye between him and Hippolyta.

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