Wonder Woman Character Has Ties to The Blackhawks

Wonder Woman co-star Saïd Taghmaoui all but confirms the origins of Blackhawk Squadron will be explored in the new movie.

It looks like Wonder Woman will not only serve as the origin for Princess Diana, but World War II group the Blackhawks as well. For years now, Warner Bros. and DC have slowly been crafting their shared universe in an attempt to rival Marvel's successful mega-franchise. Before the various heroes of the DCEU can join forces, however, the three main members of DC's comic staple of superheroes is getting individual attention. Both Batman and Superman have already had their time in the spotlight, but Wonder Woman's journey has only just begun if the latest trailer is any indication.

Following her several scene-stealing moments in Batman V Superman last year, next month will see her World War I-era origin fully explored. In doing so, DC will parallel Captain America's first journey by transporting viewers to a simpler time free of costumed characters. But while Diana's arrival will be a fantastical one, she won't be the only element from the comics that exists in the early part of the 20th century. We've known for awhile that Diana and Steve Trevor would serve with a ragtag group in their battle against evil, first glimpsed in a photo Bruce Wayne uncovers, but their identities have remained a secret. Now, it looks like at least one of them has been revealed.

Actor Saïd Taghmaoui, who's listed as Sameer in the credits so far, just tweeted out a photo teasing his connection to one of DC Comics' oldest groups and setting up a potential future for period pieces in the DCEU. Check it out below:

Coming soon.!

— Said Taghmaoui (@SaidTaghmaoui) May 9, 2017

Next to a picture of Taghmaoui from the film is a shot of Andre Blanc-Dumont from the comics. Premiering back in Quality Comics' Military Comics #1 in 1941, Blackhawk Squadron was an elite military unit led by the eponymous Blackhawk. Among the group's members were Andre, who wouldn't receive a full name until 1988's Blackhawk #1. Given how explicit the tweet is, it seems safe to assume that Sameer will be revealed to be a codename for Blanc-Dumont in Wonder Woman.

Considering Blackhawk Squadron didn't show up until the second World War, we could see the team slowly seeded in the new film. If the movie is a success, we could see a sequel explore different periods of global strife with Wonder Woman and her group fighting evil. If that's the case, DC and Warners might just end up making the smart decision to merge period military films with comic book movies in order to mine blockbuster gold.

Following the premiere of Blackhawk Squadron in the comics, the team would go on to have many adventures over the decades as Quality eventually became DC. As such, there's no shortage of stories that could be told about the team. Hopefully, however, the movies will leave out a number of the racist stereotypes that were prevalent in those early comics, like the character Chop-Chop. But with villains like Doctor Poison and Ares on the rise in the early days of the DC film universe, Diana could certainly benefit from some helping hands if this summer's Wonder Woman proves to be a hit.

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Source: Saïd Taghmaoui

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