Will Wonder Woman Establish DC's New Gods?

As modern franchise filmmaking, especially shared universe filmmaking, become larger and more connected, worldbuilding efforts get more and more attention. From extra sequel establishing scenes to post-credit stingers, almost every modern blockbuster is already doing its best to convince the audience to come back for the next episode.

When it comes to the DCEU, these efforts have come from a variety of methods, some more successful than others. Man of Steel established aliens and the introduction of superheroes; Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice established Batman and his history while detailing the way the world has responded to the emergence of Superman, as well as the introduction of the metahuman thesis, teases of other Justice League members, time travel, and the multiverse; and Suicide Squad brought in even more backstory with some existing Batman villains, shady government organizations, more metahumans, and magic.

As a prequel, Wonder Woman appears to be the most character focused of the series since Man of Steel, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be establishing some concepts that will be significant later on. We won’t know the full scope of the movie until it lands in theaters, but Wonder Woman is poised to introduce a whole new branch of the DC universe: gods. Sure, Suicide Squad dipped a toe in that realm with Incubus and Enchantress, but when lore surrounding Zeus and the Greek gods is introduced in Wonder Woman, Incubus and his sister will look more like mystical con-men.

DC Comics lore has always had significant crossover with more ethereal beings, specifically the New Gods. With Justice League set to introduce Steppenwolf, Mother Boxes, and Darkseid and his Apokaliptian forces, the DCEU is about to be knee deep - at least - in New God lore.

What does that have to do with Wonder Woman? Well, if you’re going to work with New Gods, the first thing you need to understand is what makes them “new.” What about the Old Gods?

Old Gods

The mythology of the Old Gods isn’t something DC comics ever delve into in much detail since they really only exist as a means of establishing the New Gods and everything that comes with them. As such, the lore here shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone since it’s fairly similar to the gods people have worshipped in the real world, hewing most closely to Norse mythology.

The Old Gods got their power from the ambiguous fount of all things, The Source. They made their home on GodWorld, AKA Asgard. GodWorld existed in a state of near constant advancement in both social and scientific capacities, but that peace was eventually disrupted by Ragnarok. GodWorld was destroyed, unleashing a “Godwave” across the universe.

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