How Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman Becomes a Superhero

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot are teasing Diana Prince's 'big hero moment' in the upcoming film. The next installment in the DC Extended Universe, Jenkins' movie goes back in time to explore Diana's journey from budding superhero to disillusioned warrior and her subsequent 'rebirth' as a hero in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. While Wonder Woman includes scenes featuring Diana as a child, the bulk of the film centers around her experience fighting in WWI - after the U.S. pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crash-lands near Diana's home island of Themyscira and brings word of 'The Great War' having broken out in the world of men.

One of the sequences that has been teased heavily throughout Wonder Woman's marketing so far revolves around a key moment in the film, where Diana steps out from the relative safety of the English army's trenches and into the no-man's-land that exists between the English and German armies, during a battle in WWI. According to Jenkins, Gadot and DC Entertainment President Geoff Johns (who also co-wrote the Wonder Woman script and shares story credit with Zack Snyder), this is also the sequence where Diana first dons her proper Wonder Woman attire and becomes a true superhero.

That Wonder Woman sequence is depicted in concept artwork for the film that EW has exclusively debuted (see the image below). Diana is motivated to step - literally - into the line of fire in order to rescue the women and children endangered by the Germans and discovers her true power in the process here, according to Gadot:

“It’s a very powerful moment. We have a character committing to her true self, doing what she believes needs to be done.”

Speaking to EW, Jenkins likens Diana revealing her classic Wonder Woman costume in full during this WWI action sequence to Superman unveiling the S upon his Kryptonian armor, adding “It’s when she says, ‘Enough is enough.’” Johns similarly compares Diana's moment of heroism to a famous scene from Richard Donner's 1978 Superman movie:

“[This scene] reminds me of when Superman caught Lois and caught the helicopter [in the 1978 movie]. But this one is even more visceral.”

This isn't the first time someone has noted how Wonder Woman pays homage to Donner's Superman, in terms of the tone and visual tropes embraced by the former DC Comics movie adaptation. Unlike last year's Batman V Superman, Jenkins' film goes fully into the origins of Gadot's Diana Prince and reveals her fight with the deadliest enemy that she knows of - Ares, the God of War. Should the film prove successful in its efforts, then perhaps one day Gadot's Wonder Woman will one day become as much of a touchstone for the superhero genre as Christopher Reeve's Man of Steel (still) is.

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Source: EW

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