North American audiences may have only been introduced to the brunette bombshell when she joined the cast of True Blood as the vampiress Nora, but UK actress Lucy Griffiths has been on our radar since BBC’s Robin Hood. Edging out most of the competition based solely on the fact that she, more than any on our list, simply looks the most like the blue-eyed, dark-haired, strong-yet-feminine woman Wonder Woman is most often drawn to emulate.

Thankfully, she has acting skills to back up her training with both a bow and sword in her previous role as Maid Marian. And at 27 years old, she fits perfectly next to Henry Cavill’s Superman. She also doesn’t possess the slight frame of some fan-favorites, even if she is a bit shorter than some might hope at 5’7″. But plenty doubted Cavill’s ability to pull off Kal-El at 6’1″, and he didn’t have the luxury of heels.

As a relative unknown with a solid resume, Griffiths is certainly one of our frontrunners.

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