Wonder Woman: New Movie Origin & Powers Explained

Diana Can Wield Lightning of Olympian Gods

When Diana finally realizes the true role Ares has played in not just the War, but her own story through it, she's put on her heels almost immediately. With Ares overloading the Lasso of Hestia to cause a massive, lightning-colored explosion, and Steve's men detonating the factory producing the combustible nerve gas of Doctor Poison, the battlefield soon becomes a fiery inferno. The perfect backdrop for a battle of the gods - according to the story told, the only gods left in the DCEU. Since Ares has a bit more practice, he takes an early lead.

From the start, Ares appears to be utilizing the same formless, innate power Diana used to blast Antiope away. The most obvious conclusion to draw is that this is simply 'a power of the Gods,' ejecting energy in controlled or directionless blasts that mere mortals are hopeless to resist. Ares also uses what appears to be a form of telekinesis, calling metal scarps to himself to form armor and weapons, and even manipulating metal, concrete, and earth to attack his opponent. Diana has yet to grasp this variation of 'The Force,' but she does soon discover that some of these godly powers can be controlled, and countered thanks to her own divine genetics.

The twist begins when Diana faces a full blast from Ares's lightning - and manages to resist it.

It's a big moment for Diana, she it marks the point at which she discovers she may not only pack the same powerful punch as her brother, Ares. But as the child chosen by her father to carry out the destruction of Ares on behalf of all mankind, she may be even more powerful than the God of War. It's hard to forget the moment that Diana comes to this realization, as Ares ceases his fruitless attack, and Diana watches as his lightning dances across, around, and through her own vambraces. Swirling her hands around it to concentrate an attack, she has mastered the lightning of the gods with a speed that is, even for a god, impressive.

Once knocking him back on his feet, Diana finally reaches a state of self-realization that even Antiope may not have thought possible. Having loved Steve Trevor, she has become a link between mankind and the gods in a new way - she no longer is simply charged with defending humanity, but believes in the humans she defends. The moment she rises to prepare for her final attack, Ares seems to know that his time is up, and that the blast which sent him into hiding for millennia was only an appetizer. Spreading her arms as she lifts into the air, and crossing her wrists in front of her, the now famous shot from the trailers and TV spots receives a bit of an upgrade, charging up with a serious dose of lightning.

Letting it loose in a beam, the energy punches straight through Ares's chest, dropping him for good. It's a sign of Diana's mastery of the godly lightning that she is able to do what even Zeus could not. We don't yet know if that's confirmation that Diana's shared parentage has made her even more of a powerful wild card than her father, Zeus. But what we DO know is that trailers have already shown Diana will use lightning in Justice League, even if it isn't in such a blown-out, show-stopping fashion.

Wonder Woman Can Fly

Yes, as mentioned above, part of Diana's acceptance of her godly lineage, and her wielding of full demigod powers is the ability to shrug off gravity itself. It was a question that fans had before they knew for a fact that Wonder Woman's story began in Batman V Superman, since even the regular reboots and re-imaginings of DC Comics disagree on Diana's power of flight. In some cases, she possesses the same ability to fly as Superman (at speed, and through space). In others, she can merely leap as far as someone blessed with superhuman strength would be able. In the DCEU, the answer seems to be... well, somewhere in the middle may be the simplest way of putting it.

First things first: no, Wonder Woman never showed an ability to fly in her BvS debut. Although, one might point out that she never really had to (the fight with Doomsday was locked to the ground the entire time she was present). In her solo movie, Diana never bursts into the air, or takes to the sky like Superman, instead rising to a hovering position as she prepares to engage Ares, and get in touch with the demigod powers she is only learning to use. So is her flight better described as 'rising above the Earth,' and typically tied to a supreme use of force she'd prefer not to make a habit of? Perhaps. It's the clearest answer we've got for the time being.

In all honesty, it's hard to know how much the question will factor in going forward. The final scene of Wonder Woman shows Diana dressing in full armor, and leaping into the sunset of Paris in response to a new threat. Her trajectory suggests she is headed straight for the horizon, so fans are free to debate whether that moment is an actual application of her 'canon' powers, or merely an artistic flourish on which to close the film. If you're looking for a simple answer, saying Wonder Woman could fly, but does just fine leaping wherever she needs to go may be most serviceable for now.

As for Justice League - and all things going according to plan, a big screen sequel - we'll have to wait and see if Superman has some aerial competition in the near future. Especially if the rising stakes of supervillainy call on her demigod abilities with greater frequency.

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