'Wonder Woman' Rumor: Six Different Scripts Being Developed

Wonder Woman Film Six Writers

With Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice having recently wrapped up production, we're one step closer to seeing the DC shared movie universe take shape. Once we see Bruce Wayne and Kal-El share the screen, films such as Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman will be arriving directly on its heels.

Since the latter two comic book movies are next in line following Dawn of Justice, it's understandable why WB has put so much time and energy into them as 2014 winds down, with the former having officially locked in its star-studded cast and the latter setting Michelle MacLaren to call the shots. Now, a new and interesting development regarding the screenwriter for Diana's solo outing has emerged.

A few weeks back, Pan writer Jason Fuchs was brought in to work on the script, but it looks like he has some competition. According to scribe Arash Amel (whose credits include Erased and Grace of Monaco), WB has hired six different writers to pen six different screenplays for Wonder Woman with the intention of choosing the "best" one for production:

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