Wonder Woman Movie Gets a 1970s TV Show Makeover

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman movie has gotten a new throwback trailer in the style of the 1970s TV show. Excitement for the long-awaited return of Wonder Woman in live-action form has been brewing since Lynda Carter made the DC superhero a pop culture icon during the show's run from 1975-79 on ABC. NBC flirted with idea of new live-action series starring Adrienne Palicki in 2011, but the David E. Kelley-produced pilot wound up being rejected by the network.

Hope for Amazon warrior princess surfaced again, though, when Gadot was cast to star in 2016's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Wonder Woman is back, stronger than ever, with two appearances this year with her upcoming solo movie in June and Justice League in November.

And while Gadot clearly made Wonder Woman her own with her dazzling entrance in Batman V Superman, the memory of Carter's contribution to role in the TV series is hardly a faint memory. In fact, a new retro trailer on Comic Book salutes the TV roots of the character, and while Carter isn't featured in it, the sights and sounds of the '70s TV series are.

The trailer mashup begins with Wonder Woman's legendary comic book-inspired graphics and title treatment, combined with footage from the new film's trailers and footage of Wonder Woman from Batman V Superman. The '70s-inspired trailer has a distinct worn film stock look, and ends with more animated graphics including dialogue balloons introducing a starry-eyed Gadot, as well as Chris Pine, who plays Steve Trevor. Making the TV style trailer complete, though, is Wonder Woman's classic theme song playing throughout.

Any salute to the TV origins of Wonder Woman are welcome because Carter's series was such of a memorable launch to the character's live-action existence. The '70 TV show-inspired movie trailer perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the series, and makes the anticipation for director Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman that much more exciting.

While there are bound to be references to the TV show in the new Wonder Woman movie – which even includes an homage to Richard Donner's Superman – sadly, Carter will not be making a cameo.

The good thing is, more than a year has passed since it was first reported that Carter wouldn't be a part of the film, so hopefully Jenkins has found a way to squeeze the venerable actress into a cameo somehow (she was, after all, scheduled to cameo in Palacki's grounded TV series). At the very least, we'll have retro-style trailer mashups to remind us of the greatness of the wondrous woman who breathed vibrant life into the character 40 years ago.

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Source: Comic Book

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