Wonder Woman is officially the highest grossing movie of the summer. The film explores the origin story of the heroine, and her relationship with Steve Trevor is a key aspect of the story.

Steve is also an important part of her origin story in the comics. In fact, he has been with Wonder Woman since the very beginning. They were both introduced in the same 1941 issue of All Star Comics, when he crash lands onto Paradise Island.

After the Amazons learn about World War II, Queen Hippolyta decrees that an Amazon should accompany Steve back to the U.S. to aid in the fight against the Nazis. Her daughter Diana is chosen. She dons a patriotic new outfit and debuts as Wonder Woman.

Steve serves as her primary love interest, dear friend, a partner in crime, and a “gentleman in distress” that she constantly has to save from danger.

Nevertheless, the Amazon princess is not the easiest woman to love. She often puts Steve in bizarre situations. However, as long as he gets to spend time with his love, it is all worth it for him.

Here are the 15 Most Shocking Things Wonder Woman Has Ever Done To Steve Trevor.

15. Repeatedly Refused To Marry Him

wonder woman steve trevor proposal 15 Most Shocking Things Wonder Woman Has Ever Done To Steve Trevor

From the moment Steve lays his eyes on Wonder Woman, he is smitten. She loves him too, but has a funny way of showing it. He asks her to marry him countless times, and she repeatedly shoots him down.

Her reason is always the same; citing Aphrodite’s Law, she says that she cannot be selfish and settle down until her services as Wonder Woman are no longer required. Meaning, that evil and injustice need to be completely purged from the world, and only then can she marry him.

This pretty much means that she will never marry him, and yet she begs him to be patient and wait. If she knows that they will never be married, the least she could do is stop leading him on. There was a time when she finally agreed and the two were wed, but then DC promptly wiped their union out of existence.

14. Stalked Him Out Of Jealousy

steve trevor wonder woman  15 Most Shocking Things Wonder Woman Has Ever Done To Steve Trevor

Though Diana refuses to commit to Steve, that does not mean she will let another girl have him. When he goes out to meet a woman at a club, she follows them and watches the two all night. She grumbles that she is not as pretty as her and refers to the girl as a “cheap chorus cutie.”

After stalking him all night, she listens to his private conversation and overhears that he is boarding a train. She continues to follow him onto the train and bursts in as Wonder Woman, attempting to catch Steve with the mystery woman.

He assures her that he is following a lead, but she continues to stalk him. It turns out that he is on a mission– which Diana throws into unnecessary chaos– and the woman is a spy. Wonder Woman laughs it off and says “I should have known your taste in women is better than that.” Sure, Wonder Woman.