15 Most Shocking Things Wonder Woman Has Ever Done To Steve Trevor

Wonder Woman is officially the highest grossing movie of the summer. The film explores the origin story of the heroine, and her relationship with Steve Trevor is a key aspect of the story.

Steve is also an important part of her origin story in the comics. In fact, he has been with Wonder Woman since the very beginning. They were both introduced in the same 1941 issue of All Star Comics, when he crash lands onto Paradise Island.

After the Amazons learn about World War II, Queen Hippolyta decrees that an Amazon should accompany Steve back to the U.S. to aid in the fight against the Nazis. Her daughter Diana is chosen. She dons a patriotic new outfit and debuts as Wonder Woman.

Steve serves as her primary love interest, dear friend, a partner in crime, and a "gentleman in distress" that she constantly has to save from danger.

Nevertheless, the Amazon princess is not the easiest woman to love. She often puts Steve in bizarre situations. However, as long as he gets to spend time with his love, it is all worth it for him.

Here are the 15 Most Shocking Things Wonder Woman Has Ever Done To Steve Trevor.

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15 Repeatedly Refused To Marry Him

From the moment Steve lays his eyes on Wonder Woman, he is smitten. She loves him too, but has a funny way of showing it. He asks her to marry him countless times, and she repeatedly shoots him down.

Her reason is always the same; citing Aphrodite's Law, she says that she cannot be selfish and settle down until her services as Wonder Woman are no longer required. Meaning, that evil and injustice need to be completely purged from the world, and only then can she marry him.

This pretty much means that she will never marry him, and yet she begs him to be patient and wait. If she knows that they will never be married, the least she could do is stop leading him on. There was a time when she finally agreed and the two were wed, but then DC promptly wiped their union out of existence.

14 Stalked Him Out Of Jealousy

Though Diana refuses to commit to Steve, that does not mean she will let another girl have him. When he goes out to meet a woman at a club, she follows them and watches the two all night. She grumbles that she is not as pretty as her and refers to the girl as a "cheap chorus cutie."

After stalking him all night, she listens to his private conversation and overhears that he is boarding a train. She continues to follow him onto the train and bursts in as Wonder Woman, attempting to catch Steve with the mystery woman.

He assures her that he is following a lead, but she continues to stalk him. It turns out that he is on a mission-- which Diana throws into unnecessary chaos-- and the woman is a spy. Wonder Woman laughs it off and says "I should have known your taste in women is better than that." Sure, Wonder Woman.

13 Forgot That He Didn't Have Powers

Poor Steve constantly gets himself injured or captured during his adventures with Wonder Woman. The very first issue of Sensation Comics begins with her transporting a wounded Steve back to Washington D.C.

He faints immediately upon seeing her and she drops him off to the hospital to recover. Steve defies doctor's orders and sneaks out to complete a mission. He crashes his plane and is saved by his guardian angel once again.

The two team up against enemies and defeat them with poison gas, but one of their foes throws an explosive and sends debris flying everywhere. Diana is still new to Man's World and does not seem to realize that humans do not have the same abilities as she does.

She easily leaps clear-- assuming that Steve can do the same. He is buried underneath the debris and breaks his leg. This forces him back into the hospital, where Diana is waiting in disguise as his nurse.

12 Cooked For Him... For A Price

After Steve gets hurt protecting Diana in Wonder Woman #127, she agrees to marry him. Alas, Steve discovers that being married to his sweetheart is not as great as he imagined it would be. She spends the first day of their honeymoon signing autographs for her adoring fans, who-- to Steve's dismay-- continue calling her Wonder Woman instead of Mrs. Steve Trevor.

Once she is done signing autographs, they start to head home when they spot a plane heading towards a skyscraper. The Amazon springs into action, saves the day, and signs even more autographs.

She takes detour after detour until, finally, they are alone together. Steve is looking forward to their first home cooked meal. However, even though it seems like Wonder Woman can do everything, there is one thing she cannot do: cook.

She serves him raw meat and somehow makes hot jello. She says it is his fault for never asking if she knew how to cook. Luckily for Steve, it later is revealed that it was all just a dream.

11 Kept Her Identity a Secret

Diana and Steve are like a reverse of Lois Lane and Clark Kent-- he is enamored with her when she is Wonder Woman but ignores her nerdy, human persona of Diana Prince. She constantly tries to get Steve notice her as his secretary.

However, Superman's Clark Kent persona is an important aspect of his life since he was raised on Earth. Wonder Woman is not particularly attached to her human identity, so it is unclear why Wonder Woman will not tell Steve.

At times, the heroine often does not have a civilian persona at all. She only creates the Diana Prince identity so she can sneak into a hospital to see Steve, and yet she insists on hiding it from him. Sometimes she blames it on Aphrodite's Law-- the oath she made not to waste her abilities-- as the reason why. Other times it is because she wants to test Steve and see if he really loves her. Either way, she goes to some ridiculous lengths to keep her secret from him...

10 Gave Him A Bizzare Marriage Test

Steve starts wearing Diana down in Sensation Comics #96, and she travels home to discuss the possibility of marriage with her mother. Queen Hippolyta informs her daughter that if she marries, she will no longer be an Amazon. She will be plain Diana Prince forever and asks if Steve would still love her in that form.

Wonder Woman thinks back to something Steve said earlier-- that he could pick her out even if she was one in a million-- and creates a test. She uses a Kiss Your Sweetheart booth at the local bazaar, dons a mask, and runs back and forth so that Steve can see Wonder Woman and Diana Prince at the same time.

If Steve chooses Diana over Wonder Woman, she will marry him. Steve kisses Diana. However, he later tells Wonder Woman that he only chose her so that she wouldn't be embarrassed, making her test useless.

9 Killed Diana Prince

Wonder Woman #300 is an interesting issue, to say the least. The heroine (once again) agrees to marry Steve. However, what is she supposed to do with her secret identity Diana Prince now? Maybe it is time to reveal the truth? No, of course not.

Instead, she decides to kill her alter ego off by jumping out of an airplane with a bomb handcuffed to her wrist and pretending to perish in the explosion. A memorial service is held for her and Wonder Woman shows up to deliver a eulogy... at her own funeral.

She is surprised to see so many people upset, especially Steve. He is so distraught that he actually calls off their wedding because he misses his friend Diana Prince so much. Wonder Woman laments not telling Steve about her secret identity and for deceiving him from the start. She eventually un-kills Diana Prince, and everything goes back to the way it was before.

8 Attacked Him In A Mindless Rage

Have you ever wondered what happens if Wonder Woman removes her Bracelets of Submission? Her nemesis the Cheetah discovered the answer in Wonder Woman #160. Cheetah captures Steve and Diana, and binds the heroine with her lasso and orders her to remove her bracelets so she cannot deflect bullets.

Wonder Woman warns her foe that she swore to Aphrodite that she would never remove them-- no Amazon ever has-- and she has no idea what would happen if she did. However, the villain does not buy it and forces her to disarm.

Right when she removes the bracelets a strange glare transforms her face and she lashes about like a human hurricane. "Something's turned my beautiful angel into a raging demon!" Steve exclaims. She storms at him in a mindless rage and comes very close to killing him. He manages to get her bracelets back on in time, and she rewards him with a kiss. "It was worth it to be kissed like this," he thinks to himself.

7 Declared That She Prefers Steve To Be Weak And Submissive

In Sensation Comics #46, an electronic globe gives Steve super strength by releasing brain energy into his muscles-- the same method that gives Amazons their power. He is thrilled with his newfound strength, believing that he can use it to finally make Wonder Woman marry him.

While she does find his strength thrilling, Diana soon realizes that she does not like being bossed around by a strong man. "Isn't it more fun to make the man obey?" she thinks to herself. She informs Steve that she can never love a dominant man that is stronger than she is.

"If you prefer me weaker than you, to heck with this gadget!" he says, crushing it without a second thought. She tells him she likes him just the way he is now-- so basically she admits that she likes keeping Steve weaker and submissive. To be fair, he doesn't seem to mind...

6 Humiliated Him In Public

In a rare event, Steve takes Diana Prince out dancing. When trouble strikes, she transforms into Wonder Woman. Once his angel shows up, Steve asks her to dance. Wonder Woman reminds him that he is forgetting about Diana.

Steve insists that Wonder Woman is the girl that he wants, obviously not realizing that the two women are the same. Wonder Woman gets angry and shoves him away. However, she has a bad habit of forgetting how fragile humans are when she uses her superior Amazon strength, and sends him flying across the table into another woman's lap.

Steve normally forgives Wonder Woman for anything, but the public humiliation proves to be too much. He begins seeing another woman and even gets engaged to her a few days later. Diana is devastated, but she never apologizes to Steve as Wonder Woman. Of course, the two kiss and make up in the end.

5 Walked Into His Brain

Steve and Wonder Woman have many wacky adventures together. Or rather, Steve is dragged into some really weird situations due to following her around. One of the weirdest takes place in Wonder Woman #161.

The pair are tricked and captured by the villain Angle Man. His henchmen bind Wonder Woman with her lasso, which leaves her powerless, and inject Steve with truth serum to extract government secrets.

Wonder Woman manages to keep him quiet by blocking his memory cells with her telekinetic brainwaves. Unfortunately, the villains have a plan B, which involves shrinking themselves with a micro reducing ray so that they can enter the pores of Steve's skin and directly access his memory cells.

The heroine manages to free herself and follows them. She then takes a journey through his skin, bloodstream, heart, and brain, while battling bacteria and the henchmen.

4 Killed Him

The animated film Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox created a peculiar alternate dimension. The Flash alters the timestream after he goes back in time in an attempt to save his mother, inadvertently changing everything about the Justice League.

Instead of Bruce Wayne's parents being murdered, he was killed. His father became Batman and his mother became the Joker. Additionally, Superman was captured and held prisoner by the government when he landed on Earth.

Wonder Woman, in particular, is unrecognizable and terrifying. The Amazons have taken over Great Britain and renamed it New Themyscira, and are at war with the Atlanteans. Steve Trevor exists in the universe as a colonel of the United States Special Forces. He infiltrates New Themyscira and is caught by the Amazons.

After using the lasso to get information from him, Wonder Woman strangles him in a disturbing scene.

3 Dumped Him for Superman

Superman and Wonder Woman kiss

Steve was resurrected for the New 52, but his relationship with Wonder Woman was not the same. Steve is the head of a government agency named A.R.G.U.S. which acts as support and liaison to the Justice League.

After he gets hurt in battle, Wonder Woman blames herself for putting him in danger. He reminds her that he was a soldier for years before the Justice League came about, and that he can take care of himself.

Not only does she break up with him, but she a;sp gets him removed from his position at A.R.G.U.S. He becomes irate at the insinuation that he only took the job to get closer to her. "I thought you weren't like everyone else. I thought you didn't think I was a puppy dog following you around," he says before ordering her to leave. A mere couple pages later, Diana locks lips with Superman.

2 Convinced Him To Abandon Their Daughter

On the parallel dimension Earth-Two, Wonder Woman finally reveals her secret identity as Diana Prince to Steve Trevor. The two marry and have a daughter named Hippolyta "Lyta" Trevor. Lyta, named after her maternal grandmother, inherits her mother's powers and becomes a hero under the alias Fury.

The three are living happily until Zeus offers Diana and Steve the opportunity to live on Olympus with the gods and receive eternal life. However, they would never be allowed to return to Earth, meaning that they would never see their daughter again.

Steve is hesitant, but Diana manages to convince him. She telepathically tells Lyta that, if they stay on Earth, Steve will die much earlier than she will. Though she loves her daughter, she cannot live in a world without him. Diana notes that she cannot tell Steve her reasoning because he would definitely refuse.

1 Blamed Him For Veld's Destruction

Chris Pine and Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman movie

In this year's Wonder Woman film, Steve trusts Diana even when her plans seem ludicrous-- such as charging into no man's land alone. However, she does not return the favour. She firmly believes that General Ludendorff is Ares the god of war, and that killing him will stop all of this madness.

She has no evidence other than a gut feeling, whereas Steve has a clear mission to find the general's mustard gas and destroy it. Diana goes ahead with her plan to kill Ludendorff anyway, forcing Steve to abandon his mission to stop her.

Since they both fail at their tasks, Ludendorff unleashes the gas on the nearby village Veld and kills everyone there. Diana is understandably devastated, but she misdirects her anger towards Steve. She says that she could've prevented this tragedy if Steve had not stopped her from killing the general. Steve could have also blamed her for derailing his mission, but he doesn't.


Can you think of any other disturbing things that Wonder Woman has done to Steve Trevor? Let us know in the comment section!

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