What Wonder Woman's Modern Scenes Mean for Justice League

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No doubt, Bruce was deeply concerned that Diana was non-committal. Bruce doesn't have to be the World's Greatest Detective to know that, especially with Superman gone, he desperately needs Wonder Woman's help to fight the monsters he had a nightmare about; the ones Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) ranted and raved were on their way. (As we'll see later this year in Justice League, these were the Parademons of Darkseid from Apokolips.)

Bruce was already intrigued by the 1918 photograph of Diana from Luthor's files. Correctly guessing the photo carried great sentimental value for Diana, Bruce procured the original to send to her. And, being the World's Greatest Detective, Bruce surely did his research - he must have found out as much as he could about Diana's involvement in the First World War. (Information about Diana was likely among the files he acquired from Amanda Waller in the end credits scene of Suicide Squad.) Batman probably already knows much of "her story," though he'd also enjoy hearing Diana tell her tale one day.

When Diana received the photo from long ago, she remembered how and why she left Themyscira, her mother, the Amazons, and the life she knew to come to Man's World and fight for humanity. The Diana we met in Batman v Superman was a Diana more guarded and far less innocent than she is in Wonder Woman. Diana has lived among us for a century but, by her own admission, she had walked away from her original mission. (Though we hope more of Diana's adventures in the 20th century are told in some form in Wonder Woman 2.)

After remembering her coming of age in World War I, Steve Trevor's sacrifice, and all the lessons she learned, that "men are still good" - the same lesson Batman learned at the end of Batman v Superman - the idealistic spark in Diana was reignited. Diana reclaimed her desire to fight for the world. And after hearing the sound of an explosion in the distance, she once again dons her red, blue and gold armor and soared into the skies of Paris, ready to fight for all of us once more. Wonder Woman is truly back.

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It's thanks to these modern day sequences in Wonder Woman that we have a necessary and vital bridge between Batman v Superman and the forthcoming Justice League. The story of Wonder Woman isn't just about Diana a hundred years ago choosing her mission and discovering her true heredity as the Godkiller born of Zeus and Queen Hippolyta, it's also about how the life-changing impact of those formative events in her past inform the woman she is today. Wonder Woman is about Diana remembering who she truly is and deciding to re-embrace the heroism innately and indivisibly a part of her at her very core.

As one of DC's greatest icons, Wonder Woman is crucial, not just for the Justice League and in its pending war with Darkseid, but for the very future of the DCEU. Wonder Woman performs a neat trick in two ways: it gives audiences a genuine hero we can believe in, and in the context of the DCEU, it reawakened that very hero inside Diana. It's because of the present day framing sequences in Wonder Woman that the greatest heroine in the DCEU now chooses to defend the world, and will soon stand together with the Justice League. Thanks to a big assist from Batman, who gave Diana little Bat-nudge.


Key Release Dates
  • Wonder Woman (2017) release date: Jun 02, 2017
  • Justice League (2017) release date: Nov 17, 2017
  • Aquaman (2018) release date: Dec 21, 2018
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