Wonder Woman: Ray Fisher Supports Film With Pinkberry Selfie

Cyborg actor Ray Fisher has shown his support for the upcoming Wonder Woman film both in real life and on social media. We've already heard reports that there's a strong camaraderie between the Justice League cast members, who based on set videos clearly had a blast hanging out and fighting bad guys with each other. A strong sense of humor will be needed, after all, when all of the characters are forced to take on Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds) later this year in a fight that will leave the entire fate of the universe hanging in the balance.

But before any of that happens, fans everywhere will first get to learn more about Gadot's Wonder Woman in the first female-led superhero movie since Marvel and DC began work on their connected cinematic universes. With less than two months to go until Patty Jenkins' film hits theaters everywhere, fans can expect to see a whole lot more ads for the film. And some tie-in promotions have already begun.

Ray Fisher recently took to his Instagram page to post a selfie of himself holding a Pinkberry special Wonder Woman edition frozen yogurt swirl while standing in front of an ad for the promotion itself. You can see the post below.

EMPLOYEE: Hey, what can I get you? RAY: Yeah, uhh...let have me have the Themyscrian Special. EMPLOYEE: ?????????????????????????????????? RAY:(dejected, points to poster) That one, please..... @gal_gadot #wonderwoman #BORGLIFE ??

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Considering that Fisher's Victor Stone/Cyborg is one of the only Justice League members that fans really haven't gotten to see much of in both the trailers for the film or the behind-the-scenes featurettes, it's worth pointing out how much he already still feels like a part of the DCEU at this point. Most of that must even be credited to Fisher himself, who has gone out of his way to express his excitement over the DC lore and films through his various social media outlets over the past year or so. This is evident from his "Themyscira special" joke in the post.

There's quite a bit of discussion going on in the DC fandom right now regarding what many believe to be Warner Bros.' lackluster marketing campaign for Wonder Woman when compared to the studio's approach to both Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman last year. However, a recent report stated that WB has actually spent more marketing Wonder Woman than they did Suicide Squad, which should hopefully be enough to quell some of those complaints; the June release is still a fair way off, with some major movies coming out in the interim.

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