15 Things About Wonder Woman That Make No Sense

Wonder Woman is, objectively, one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. Even if there's some debate about where she stacks up in terms of quality and power level, there's no denying that Wonder Woman is instantly recognizable and beloved across the world.

The premiere female hero of the comic world, Wonder Woman is a symbol of female empowerment. She is, however, not flawless.

Just like her counter-parts, Superman and Batman, there's plenty about the famous Amazon princess that doesn't add up. Throughout her appearances in comics, TV shows and even the DCEU, there's parts of Wonder Woman's story and mythology that are more than a bit confusing.

A lot of this has to do with the fact that despite her importance Wonder Woman has always been treated the best by her creative teams. An even bigger part has to do with the fact that her creator, William Marston Moulton, lived am incredibly kinky and contradictory life.

The entries are this list aren't meant to be a hardcore critique of Wonder Woman. They are not meant to enhance or damage the character's status. It's more about having fun with Diana and pointing out that best of comic book heroes are far from sinless.

If you can't have fun with an ageless, towering Amazonian woman blessed by the gods, you're not approaching Wonder Woman (or any superhero) from the right angle.

With that said, here are the 15 Things About Wonder Woman That Make No Sense.

15 How Does She Speak English So Well?

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Justice League

Depending on the continuity of the comics, this has been explained by rather well. There's been several stories where Diana hasn't known English and has had to work up to communicating with others, whether through magic or old-fashioned studying.

Yet in other portrayals, particularly movies and TV shows, Diana has been a fluent English speaker with no justification.

In 2017's Wonder Woman, every Amazon on Themsycria spoke perfect English, with a slight accent but English all the same. For women who worship Greek Gods and have lived in isolation since antiquity, there’s no reason for the Amazons to be aware of English, let alone speak it.

The reason why Diana knows English should be evident.

No one wants an American superhero movie where half the characters speak Archaic Greek but some magical explanation could’ve gone a long way to explain why.

14 Her Romance with Superman

Superman and Wonder Woman kiss

Thankfully this is no longer an issue. DC Comics has wiped away all existence of a Wonder Woman and Superman romance.

It's been dropped into the bottomless pit of retconned and abandoned comic storylines. Diana and Clark’s torrid affair is back in the realm of fan fiction, where it belongs, but it was canon for far too many years.

Diana and Clark obviously have several things in common but there’s no reason that DC should’ve ever considered them as a couple. Like any superhero, Diana should be the star of her romance. Yet with Superman, it always felt like she was coming in the supporting role.

There’s no tension or interest in a Superman and Wonder Woman romance it’s just too nearly perfect and super strong people being nearly perfect and super strong together.

13 The Fact That Diana Wasn't the First Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Rebirth Art with Hippolyta

Like her romance with Supes, this tidbit about Wonder Woman has been erased into non-existence. Yet for years, in the established continuity of the character, there was time where Diana wasn’t the first person to take up the mantle of Wonder Woman.

Following DC’s big reboot event Crisis on Infinite Earths, Diana was rebooted and given a new continuity. Rather than first appearing in World War II and fighting the Nazis, Diana revealed herself to the world during the late 1970s.

However, DC still had to make sense of all those stories with Wonder Woman in the trenches and working with the Justice Society of America.

So, it was decided that Hippolyta, Diana’s mother, was the real first Wonder Woman.

This resulted in a time where there were two Wonder Women, of different ages but mostly of the same appearance, interacting and overlapping. It was migraine-inducing.

12 Her Attraction to Steve Trevor

2017’s Wonder Woman did a lot of things tremendously well. One of them is building a believable romance between Steve Trevor and Diana in a very short amount of time. This is no small feat because for most of the character’s history, Steve Trevor has seemed like the absolute worst person for Diana to love.

It’s all down to the writers and creators; as modern-day Steve Trevor has a lot of the charm of Chris Pine’s version. Yet in the early days of Steve Trevor he was insensitive, oblivious jerk who Diana somehow loved unconditionally.

In the '60s and early '70s, Steve was the quintessential stupid aggressive male. He treated Diana like garbage when she was in her civilian disguise of Diana Prince and sneeringly ogled her as Wonder Woman. Against all reason, Diana thought he hung the moon.

It was annoying and vaguely insulting but luckily things have gotten much better.

11 Her Secret Identity of Diana Prince

Wonder Woman Diana Prince Glasses

Superman’s secret identity of Clark Kent gets called out a lot and for good reason. Superman hiding from the world through a pair of glasses shouldn’t fool anyone. However, to harp on the silliness of Clark Kent is to ignore that Wonder Woman’s secret identity is just as ridiculous.

Like Clark, all that separates Diana Prince from Wonder Woman in appearance is a pair of glasses. Superman can at least wave things away by the fact that Clark Kent is a bit of a nobody, not with Wonder Woman.

While Diana Prince has disguised herself as a lowly secretary, more often she’s in a position of power.

Before the New 52, Diana was a member of the government as Diana Prince AND helped out as Wonder Woman but it took forever for anyone to figure it out. Even in the DCEU, no one has seemingly connected the gorgeous museum curator with the Amazonian heroine.

10 Batman Ignores His No-Kill Rule Around Her

Everyone knows that Batman has one rule. Batman hates killing and he despises anyone who does kill. In the comics, Batman adheres strictly to the idea that killing is evil and shouldn’t be tolerated. However, Batman also has no problem working alongside Wonder Woman.

Diana isn’t a mass murderer, by any means. She doesn’t kill for the fun of it or treat every problem as something that needs to be slain.

However, no matter the medium, Diana will take an enemy with extreme prejudice, if she sees no other way. Yet it was only once, when Diana snapped the neck of Maxwell Lord, that Batman had a problem with her killing.

It’s true that if Batman did raise concerns with Diana, she’d probably lay him out flat. But Bruce probably shouldn’t be on such a high horse with other heroes since he tolerates Wonder Woman.

9 The Fact that Her Costume is So American

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

In the DCEU, Wonder Woman has been given a costume that fits her original color scheme but feels international and timeless.

There’s nothing American about Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, and it's not just because she has a heavy Israeli accent. With the more traditional look of Wonder Woman, it’s impossible to deny the American influence. For most of her history, Wonder Woman’s shorts have been a star-spangled flag.

Obviously, Diana is a hero written by Americans, for Americans. However, Diana isn't American, she’s Themysciran.

She protects the world, not one country, no matter where her home base might be located.

In Marv Wolfman’s run, it was explained that patriotic look was to honor Steve Trevor’s mother, an American pilot. But that’s just one slice of a large and complicated history.

Diana really shouldn’t look like she was dressed by Betsy Ross.

8 The Invisible Jet

Thanks to the terrible The Super Friends cartoon, Diana has been tied to her infamous jet in the public consciousness. The invisible jet is as much apart of Wonder Woman’s mythology as the costume or the fact that she’s an Amazon. Yet it still makes little to no sense.

There was a time when Wonder Woman needed the invisible jet as she couldn’t fly on her own. Yet Diana has had the ability to fly for years and the Invisible Jet has still stuck around. It’s even been given it’s own sentience being turned into some quasi-alien creature in the comics.

The Invisible Jet might be memorable but it’s totally redundant and unnecessary. This isn't even to mention the mystery of how Diana locates it as it's literally unable to be seen by the naked eye!

7 The Continuity of the Lynda Carter Series

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman President

Before Gal Gadot came along, Lynda Carter was Wonder Woman for many fans. She was damn good one too. The Wonder Woman TV series is a product of its time and completely cheesy but Carter as Wonder Woman is why the series should be remembered. However, his is mostly because the continuity is a total mess.

Wonder Woman has had a surprising amount of staying power but it only lasted for two seasons. Two seasons that have wildly different continuities and set-ups.

In the first season of Wonder Woman, Diana fought in WWII. When it came time for the second season, the show jumped ahead 35 years to present day and acted as if nothing had changed.

Instead of romancing Steve Trevor, Diana was hooked up with Steve Trevor Jr. (played the same actor) and everything was total mess.

The two seasons are really two separate shows linked by the same actress.

6 Her Relationship with Donna Troy

A whole list could be made about Donna Troy and it’s likely that the exact specifics of her character wouldn’t be nailed down. Donna is one of the weirdest and most confusing characters in DC Comics but most of that confusion does revolve around Wonder Woman.

Donna Troy has been defined as many things during her history and most of them have been related to Wonder Woman. She’s been explained as a younger clone of Diana, a younger adopted sister that Diana found in a fire and took back to Paradise Island and even a clay creation designed to kill Wonder Woman herself.

Donna is intricately linked to Wonder Woman, she’s the Robin to her Batman. But throughout all of her stories, DC has never really landed on an explanation for Donna that makes sense.

5 Why Doesn't She Age?

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman Diana Prince in Justice League

One of the unspoken but obvious powers of Wonder Woman is that she doesn’t age. Diana is basically immortal being able to live for hundreds of years without showing the slightest wrinkle.

This extends throughout all continuities. Whether it be the comics, movies of TV shows, Diana is ageless. Despite being such a universal part of her character, the immorality is never really explained.

In the DCEU it does make sense as Diana is canonically a demi-god and gods don’t age. Yet when she was just an Amazon made from clay, there’s really no reason for Diana to be virtually immortal.

Sometimes that Amazons have been reincarnated women who died at the hands of men and that explains their agelessness on Themsycria, but Diana is different.

She was born, not just created.

No matter the continuity Diana does age too. It's just went she reaches a certain age she stops. Why?!

4 The Lost Years Between Wonder Woman and Batman v. Superman

Wonder Woman BVS Promo

Granted all of this could be explained in time. Not much is known about Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman sequel but it’s rumored to take place in between the first film and Batman v. Superman.

It will hopefully explain why Diana disappeared from the world, because in the current DCEU continuity, it makes no sense.

It’s true that Steve Trevor died in Wonder Woman. Yet in the context of that film Steve’s death is more bittersweet than tragic. It hurts Diana but she still resolves to save the day and keep fighting to honor Steve’s memory.

Yet according to the continuity of the DCEU, Superman is the first public superhero in decades as Wonder Woman has been hiding in the shadows, along with Batman and various other vigilantes. It doesn't fit with what it s known about the character.

3 All Of the Adult Themes

Anyone with a knowledge of Wonder Woman creator, William Marston Moulton, will know the reason for this part of Wonder Woman’s story.

Yet for the layperson, the preoccupation with Wonder Woman and bondage is supremely strange. It turns out that bondage was a big fetish for Marston with his two lovers, Elizabeth Holloway Marston and Olive Byrne.

It’s something that bled over to Marston’s work with Diana. He frequently wrote Diana into situations where she was tied up.

In fact, one of Diana’s first fatal weaknesses was being subdued, specifically, by a man.

Yet in the context of the stories and character, the bondage makes no sense. Wonder Woman is meant to be an empowering female character but in her early days (and beyond) she was forced into this submissive situation with heavy adult undertones.

2 The Lasso of Truth

The Lasso of Truth falls under all of Wonder Woman’s other bondage issues. Yet there’s another connection to William Marston Moulton.

The man didn’t just invent Wonder Woman but also the modern day lie detector. Therefore, one of Diana’s biggest weapons is the Lasso of Truth which prevents anyone who touches it from lying.

It probably made sense in William Marston Moulton’s mind to give Diana this power but there’s nothing else about her character that requires the lasso.

Everything else about Wonder Woman is tied up in Greek mythology and lore. Whereas lassos come predominantly from North America. (Although there are some hints of lassos in Mongolian and Egyptian culture.)

Marston gave Diana the Lasso because of his own interests. In reality it's at odds with the rest of her character.

1 Everything about Her (Current) Origin Story

Honestly, picking any point in Diana’s history is an easy way to find mountains of contradictions and confusions. Unlike the relatively simple stories of Batman and Superman, Diana’s origins have been revamped and rebooted multiple times.

Yet it’s the current state of continuity for Diana’s story is perhaps the most confusing.

In DC's New 52 reboot during 2011, Diana was revamped to be the child of Hipployta and Zeus. This resulted in her going on a long and controversial adventures in the comics.

Yet in DC Comics' subsequent reboot event, DC Rebirth in 2016, it was established that everything Diana experienced in that first arc was a lie or trick. Yet, somehow, Diana is still a daughter of Zeus and she even has a twin brother.

Comic continuity is always confusing but DC has particularly dropped the ball in deciding what exactly has happened to Diana in their current timeline and how she was came into existence.


What things about Wonder Woman don't make sense for you? Did we miss any big confusing parts of her legacy? Sound off in the comments!

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