Lynda Carter Responds to James Cameron’s Wonder Woman Comments

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Former TV Wonder Woman Lynda Carter responds to James Cameron's comments on Patty Jenkins' DC Extended Universe superhero film. Gal Gadot's Diana Prince made her DCEU debut last spring in Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and though the film itself received mixed-to-negative reviews from critics - and divisive reactions among moviegoers - one aspect it seemed most agreed upon is that Wonder Woman was a highlight of the movie. The Princess of Themyscira returned this summer in her own DCEU solo film, directed by Jenkins, that was a major win for Warner Bros. both in terms or critical reception and box office returns.

However, blockbuster director James Cameron criticised Wonder Woman, comparing Gadot's Diana Prince to the action heroine of Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), and calling the movie "a step backwards." Fans of Wonder Woman were quick to defend the film and its progressiveness, especially insofar as it depicts a different kind of heroine to Sarah Connor - and not every female action lead needs to be the same. Jenkins also responded to Cameron's comments with a statement about the importance of Wonder Woman and its impact on modern audiences. More recently, Cameron doubled down on his Wonder Woman criticisms, prompting the original live-action Diana to chime in.

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In a Facebook post, Lynda Carter urged Cameron to "stop dissing" Wonder Woman and suggested he doesn't understand the character of Diana Prince. In Cameron's most recent comments, he pointed to Gadot's looks and past as Miss Israel as evidence that the actress's take on Wonder Woman isn't groundbreaking because she's "drop-dead gorgeous." He went continued to double down on his stance that Sarah Connor in Terminator 2 was ahead of the time because she "wasn’t treated as a sex object." Read Carter's full response below:

Of course, some may point out that Carter's response to Cameron isn't quite as even-handed as Jenkins' was, but it does capture some of the anger that fans of Wonder Woman may have felt in reading the Terminator director's comments. Carter is undoubtedly coming from a place of knowledge, having played the titular character on the 1970s Wonder Woman television series. Prior to Gadot, she was the only actress to play Wonder Woman in live-action, and has been a major proponent of Jenkins' film, giving it her seal of approval earlier this year. Plus, Carter remains friends with Jenkins, and may even have a cameo in Wonder Woman 2.

Whether that happens remains to be seen, but Wonder Woman 2 was confirmed to be in development by Warner Bros. at San Diego Comic-Con this summer, and given a 2019 release date. Jenkins is returning to direct the Wonder Woman sequel as well as co-write along with DC Films' Geoff Johns and The Expendables' Dave Callahan. So, whether or not Cameron approves of Jenkins and Gadot's take on Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. certainly has plenty of confidence in the superhero. And fans who love the character won't even have to wait until 2019 to see Wonder Woman again in live-action as she'll be teaming up with DC's other superheroes in Justice League this fall.

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