Wonder Woman a 'New Way to Empower Women', Says Lynda Carter

Original Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter has nothing but glowing compliments on the upcoming debut of the character on the big screen saying that it is a great tool in boosting the morale of females over the world. The former Miss World America has been very present during the whole marketing campaign for the upcoming DC Extended Universe project - even attending the Los Angeles premiere of the film and standing side by side with Gal Gadot, who has taken over the role.

Wonder Woman is all set to debut this coming weekend and with the anticipation for the film reaching a fever pitch, Carter shared her thoughts about the project being a vehicle to promote female prowess in the modern day. Carter played the role of the Amazonian Princess in her own TV series from 1975 to 1979. And despite the show never crossing over to the silver screen, the actress has always been synonymous with the role.

In an interview with EW, Carter revealed that she really likes the new treatment that director Patty Jenkins did with the character. She also shared her hopes that the movie gets well-received especially with the inspiring message it conveys for females to band together instead of tear each other apart:

"I like her. I just hope [the film is] successful, that’s all. I think she’s probably pretty kick-ass, and it’s a whole new way to empower women. …We’re not black or white or brown or orange or ginger hair or gray hair or short or skinny or tall or fat. We’re women, and we relate to one another in a very human, sisterly way."

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

The actress continued by relating how her portrayal of the character and Gadot's iteration actually represents the same thing. In fact, Jenkins and Carter had stayed in touch over the course of the production of Wonder Woman where the latter shared some of her thoughts of why her portrayal stuck in the minds of people and why up until now, it is still referenced in many ways.

It is a nice gesture for Carter to be generous in imparting some of the insight as to what she thinks would work for the newest incarnation of the role.  On the flip side, it was also great that Warner Bros. and the folks behind the upcoming DCEU project have made sure to include Carter in this re-emergence of the character. After all, over the past few decades, people refer to the 65-year-old as Wonder Woman, until of course Gadot's debut in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Wonder Woman has been getting rave reviews prior to hitting cinemas in a few more days. And seeing Carter singing high praises for the project, it is expected that the anticipation for the film will only further intensify.

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Sources: EW

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