How The Wonder Woman Logo Changed Over Time

wonder woman logo evolution

Here's how Wonder Woman's famous logo has evolved over the years, from comics to movies. Prior to Gal Gadot making her debut as the character in 2016's Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, fans had waited years for a Wonder Woman movie to arrive. Joss Whedon (Avengers: Age Of Ultron) was attached to the project for a time before departing in 2007 and was reportedly interested in Angelina Jolie for the title character.

Wonder Woman would prove to be the first installment of the DCEU that was a hit with both fans and critics. The film managed to balance exciting action with great characters, with the Diana Prince / Steve Trevor relationship really connecting with audiences. Gadot would also receive good reviews for her work in Justice League, though the film itself was met with a mostly negative critical reception.

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Gadot will return once again for upcoming sequel Wonder Woman 1984. The character's signature logo has undergone a number of changes since her debut, so let's look at how the Wonder Woman logo has evolved.

The Eagle Logo

Wonder Woman becomes President of the United States in the comic books

Just like every superhero, Diana's backstory and origin has been retconned and reworked numerous times since her debut in All-Star Comics #8. Her original logo lasted for a long time, however, which consisted of a golden eagle adorned on his costume. While the design was reworked and tweaked in the years that followed, it stayed more or less the same.

The Stacked W Logo

wonder woman W logo

The Wonder Woman costume logo was given an upgrade in the early 1980s with Diana receiving her now iconic stacked W logo. DC charged famed graphic designer Milton Glaser, who created the "I Heart New York" logo, to come up with Wonder Woman's new emblem. His simple but elegant solution was to stack the character's initials together and giving them a wing motif to evoke the original eagle design. While this logo has also gone through redesigns over the years, it's now as closely linked to the character as the S symbol is to Superman.

The New 52 Logo

Wonder Woman's New 52 revamp provided her with a new backstory and costume. Her new look lacks the familiar yellow of past costumes and her logo and bracelets are now silver. Her New 52 emblem bears a passing resemblance to the bat logo found in Batman V Superman, though it proceeded that film by a few years.

The Movie Logo

Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer Breakdown Logo

In keeping with director Zack Snyder's (Watchmen) visual aesthetic, Diana's costume and symbol were given a more grounded look for her appearance in Dawn Of Justice. Wonder Woman's outfit is a little more colorful in the 2017 solo movie, with the logo appearing on her belt in all three of her movie outings to date.

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