10 Hilarious Wonder Woman Logic Memes Only True DC Fans Will Understand

Wonder Woman Reflexes

Wonder Woman has been around a while. The recent release of her solo film, Wonder Womanand the upcoming release of its sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, have certainly added to the hype surrounding the beloved DC character. She's tough, she's inspirational, she's fair and she has a moral compass most of us envy. She won't back down from a fight, especially if it means taking out the enemy and providing justice for all. Plus, she can certainly rock her costume. Still, there are some memes out there that point out some interesting tidbits in her logic--10 of which we're mentioning here.

10 Badass Qualities

It's no question. She's a badass. She can even make Superman and Batman look weak at times. She's a symbol of inspiration and ultimate girl power in that she defines strength in a new, albeit supernatural, manner.  The thing that's hilarious about this meme is that it speaks the truth: even with Doomsday, she'll laugh, dust herself off and face pure evil all over again. Few could be as bold. Doomsday certainly thought twice about going up against her, even if Diana (Gal Gadot) did pay a price in the battle with the loss of Steve (Chris Pine).

9 Please Love Me

Diana and Steve are perfect for each other. They share the same passion to end war, and they were a successful team. There was nothing they couldn't accomplish. Hello, didn't all your hearts break for Diana when Steve sacrificed himself? Despite their obvious interest in one another, they never really acted on it, and never truly acknowledged it until it was too late. Decades later comes Batman, but he'll never be Steve Trevor, regardless of how he can relate to Diana's need to achieve justice.

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8 Beauty Tips

This meme does have a point. Being isolated for so many years, where would Diana, her mother, or the remainder of the women get their modern beauty tips from? Or their impeccable grasp on the English language? Maybe somehow someone did keep tabs on the modern world, or else they predicted that things would evolve. Maybe Diana wanted to look nice for Steve? Things don't add up in this case, so it's interesting that somehow these women knew exactly how to be modern when they're living by standards of the long-ago past.

7 Parentless

Sometimes psychiatrists point out the obvious: this meme being a hilarious example of that fact. Combining Lorraine Bracco as her psychiatrist character on The Sopranos was a brilliant move on the part of the creator of this meme, as it adds even more to the comedic  aspect. Did Diana realize what she was saying as she was saying it? We definitely caught it. If Zeus brought her to life, doesn't that make him her father in a sense? Plus, doesn't that make her mother more like an adoptive mother? Try untangling that logic.

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6 Lacking Body Armor

While everyone else is covering up, Wonder Woman seems less concerned with that. What armor she does have seems more than capable of helping her defend herself (and launch vicious attacks), but still. She doesn't ever seem to scuff her armor beyond repair or come out with more than a few bruises or scratches despite the lack of protective covering. She may be supernatural and the suit may be special but come on, wouldn't you expect a little more wear and tear? Apparently not--then again, it's impressive that Diana can fight the way she does and still look good, not even breaking a sweat in the process. Why can't we look that good after our workouts?

5 Always Wondering...

This meme takes out certain moments from the movie to emphasize a different aspect of the term "wonder" in the name "Wonder Woman." She asks many questions. She's lived in an isolated environment for centuries with all the same people. She's not used to new people or their new ideas. Questions are guaranteed to come up. This meme takes that fact and adds it to emphasize that Diana truly is Wonder Woman in every sense of the word...always amazing us with her abilities, and always wondering about the next thing.

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4 Who Are You Again?

Okay, first thing we're thinking is that we totally want to see a showdown between these two badass women. That's one of the brilliant things this meme brings to mind. Second, we're liking this combination of these two characters from the Marvel and DC universes. Third, this meme is just hilarious. Substitute Wonder Woman's answer and we wonder what Hela would've said and done. It definitely wouldn't have been pleasant, that's for sure.

3 Don't Mess With The Muffins

The comedic aspect about this meme is the fact that it could totally be accurate. You don't want to make Diana mad, and you certainly don't want to give her a reason to dislike you on any level. That's a given. Eating her muffins could be a bad start, depending on how strongly she feels. If she doesn't care, so be it. At least the rest of us can use this meme any time someone steals our muffins and we thereby declare vengeance upon them in retaliation.

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2 Throwback To The Classics

This meme was too good not to include on this list. Plus, we had to appreciate the throwback. This meme still rings true today: if the tiara comes off, it's for real. The tiara is a symbol of Diana's meaningfulness to her people, but it also evokes a sort of power and regal respect from her peers, strangers or not. Bottom line, this is timelessly hilarious.

1 Masks Make All The Difference

In this reversed logic, apparently not wearing masks should be the norm among superheroes. In the case of Tony Stark, he told the world his identity. Steve Rogers was the poster boy for the military. They had reasons (very different ones) for their alter-egos being known. In real life, it just wouldn't be possible to not know who Superman and Wonder Woman really were. They stand out and have memorable faces. Hiding behind an outfit or glasses or whatever wouldn't solve that. Only in the DCEU could that be a thing.

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