Wonder Woman Gives Her Lasso To Conan The Barbarian

Wonder Woman has given her lasso to Conan The Barbarian. Known alternatively as The Lariat of Truth, Hestia's Lasso or quite simply The Magic Lasso, the magical rope is Wonder Woman's most iconic weapon. Forged by the god Hephaestus from fabric taken from the girdle of a goddess, The Magical Lasso has a variety of powers. The most famous of these is that anyone snared by The Lasso cannot tell a lie and will be impelled to obey the commands of The Lasso's wielder. A unique ability now entrusted to Conan The Barbarian.

This legendary exchange comes at an odd time for the famous fantasy hero. The previous week saw the license for Conan the Barbarian comics return to Marvel Comics, who first adapted the pulp hero for the comic's page in 1970. It is ironic then to see Conan, so long associated with Marvel Comics and now once again under their banner, wielding the weapon of DC Comics' most prominent heroine.

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The exchange is made in the final pages of Wonder Woman/Conan #5, where Diana also gave Conan one of her magical bracelets as a symbol of their friendship (having finally been located by her Amazonian sisters after becoming lost in time and space). With limited time to return through the portal back home, Diana expressed her regrets to Conan that she would not be able to complete their quest.

Promising that she would leave a piece of herself with him, Wonder Woman and the other Amazons disappeared... leaving an astonished Conan clutching the Lasso of Truth!

Conan The Barbarian with Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth

The Wonder Woman/Conan mini-series has proven something of a sleeper-hit for DC Comics and Dark Horse, who currently hold the Conan license. Set in the world of Hyboria, the comic has told two tales. The first is a flashback story of how a tween Conan came to befriend a girl called Yanna, who claimed to come from a tribe of women at a Cimmerian clan meet. The second story focuses on an adult Conan, who thinks he sees the girl he once knew, fully-grown and forced to fight in the arena as a gladiator slave. The warrior woman, who is amnesic, is eventually revealed to be Diana of Themyscira. She accepts Conan's friendship despite her insistence that whoever she is she cannot be Conan's childhood friend.

Wonder Woman/Conan writer Gail Simone is a fan-favorite pick to write Marvel Comics' upcoming Conan The Barbarian series. Simone has considerable experience with the Hyborian setting, having co-written the critically acclaimed Conan/Red Sonja mini-series with Jim Zub. Simone also wrote an impressive run on Red Sonja, the first volume of which - Queen of Plagues - was adapted in to a motion-comic movie.

The latest issue of Wonder Woman/Conan will also hold special interest for fans of the Wonder Woman movie and DC Comics' Amazons. Part of the issue focuses upon the adventures of Diana's fellow Amazons as they journey into Hyboria in search of their missing princess. Among these Amazons is Artemis of Bana-Mighdall, who briefly replaced Diana as Wonder Woman for a time in the 1990s and currently has a role in the comic series Red Hood And The Outlaws.

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Wonder Woman/Conan #5 is available now.

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