Wonder Woman & Justice League Double Screenings Announced

Warner Bros. and Regal Cinemas are partnering for a Wonder Woman/Justice League double-feature even this November when the team-up film premieres.

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Warner Bros. and Regal Cinemas are partnering to put together double-screenings for Wonder Woman and Justice League this November when the latter film reaches theaters. After a 2016 that saw the release of two very polarizing productions (Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad), this year has been much better for the still-fledgling DC Extended Universe. Over the summer, Wonder Woman became the franchise's first bona fide commercial and critical smash, earning rave reviews en route to a domestic box office haul of over $400 million. Its success lessened the pressure on Justice League to deliver all the goods, and fans are excited to see the epic team-up.

Anticipation is quite high for Zack Snyder's ensemble piece, as the marketing has clearly illustrated a fun, adventurous tone as some of DC's greatest titans unite on the big screen for the first time. It goes without saying that some viewers will be looking to relive the DCEU in preparation of Justice League's premiere, including watching Patty Jenkins' origin story once more. For those eager to see Diana's beginnings in the theater again, they'll get that opportunity thanks to a new special event that's just been announced.

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On their official website, Regal Cinemas posted information about a Wonder Woman/Justice League double feature that will take place on Thursday, November 16. This is further confirmation of Justice League's alleged "short" runtime, as both films included combine for a total of 4 hours and 22 minutes. Seeing that Wonder Woman clocked in at 2 hours, 21 minutes, it means Justice League will be 121 minutes - making it the shortest installment in the DCEU to date. This has been a point of contention amongst DCEU fans, but as long as Snyder's latest tells a complete, satisfying story, that's all that matters. Plenty of great films are around two hours, so this doesn't necessarily mean Justice League will skimp on scale.

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It's interesting that it's just these two movies that will be shown - considering Justice League is the fifth entry in the DCEU. Viewers may recall that prior to Avengers: Age of Ultron, chains held marathons of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, so some may have thought DC would do the same. However, it's worth keeping in mind that these events have no obligation to play all related films. A recently-confirmed Star Wars marathon to commemorate The Last Jedi consists of only the numbered episodes - eschewing spinoff Rogue One. WB, who obviously had a say in this, most likely is looking to celebrate what they hope is a memorable 2017, which saw the release of the first ever live-action Wonder Woman and Justice League films. The other DCEU titles are readily available for viewing whenever one pleases.

Tickets for the double-feature are now available for preorder. Fans interested can search for their local theater on Regal's website and secure their seats now, with a few weeks to spare. Given the immense popularity of Wonder Woman and hype surrounding Justice League (especially after early word-of-mouth hailed it as "epic"), there will surely be much demand to attend a screening of the two together as the DCEU strives towards brighter days.

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Source: Regal Cinemas

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