Wonder Woman Director Responds To James Cameron's Comments

On one hand, Cameron himself has a noted track record when it comes to creating strong female heroes. Cameron's Terminator 2 saw Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) evolve from the scared survivor she was for most of the original film into the gun-toting, muscled-up badass that - at least temporarily - succeeded in stopping judgment day from occurring as scheduled. Cameron also directed Aliens, which saw Sigourney Weaver give an Academy-award nominated performance as another survivor turned badass hero, Ellen Ripley.

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On the other hand, many found Cameron's negative comments unfair, unprovoked, and a bit self-serving, especially considering that Wonder Woman was itself directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins. Whether one found themselves agreeing with Cameron's views or not, there was little doubt that Jenkins would eventually respond to what he said, as she's shown herself to be very protective of Wonder Woman both as a character and as a film. Included below is her full reply to Cameron, posted on her Twitter account.

— Patty Jenkins (@PattyJenks) August 25, 2017

As one can see above, Jenkins clearly disagrees with Cameron in a profound way, believing his comments were suggesting that the only worthwhile strong female heroine is one that has sustained emotional damage and has a hard time expressing feelings of affection to others. She's certainly not the first person to interpret Cameron's comments that way, although one presumes he would contest that viewpoint of what he said.

One wonders whether Jenkins' strongly worded yet mostly civil response to Cameron will lead him to engage in further public dialogue with her, and perhaps clarify his own prior remarks on the subject. Regardless of Cameron's opinion of the film, Wonder Woman continues to be embraced by audiences of all genders and nationalities, earning over $800 million worldwide, and currently preparing to return to theaters for a limited IMAX run. As Jenkins herself ends, the progressiveness and importance of Wonder Woman is ultimately up to the fans: "the massive female audience who made the film a hit it is, can surely choose and judge their own icons of progress." 

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Source: Patty Jenkins

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