Wonder Woman Returning to Theaters for Limited IMAX Run

As Wonder Woman's initial run winds down, the DCEU film is gearing up for one final IMAX engagement. Wonder Woman is currently enjoying acclaim unlike any other DCEU film before it, thanks to its strong performance amongst critics and at the box office. With almost three months having elapsed since its debut in theaters, Wonder Woman just passed $800 million at the global box office, with half of that coming from U.S. theaters alone.

Meanwhile, the steady success of the film has continued to break records. Wonder Woman now ranks number one among superhero origin films at the box office and has a sequel in development, with helmsman Patty Jenkins set to return. Thanks to her Wonder Woman 2 deal, Jenkins will become the highest paid female director working in Hollywood today. Even as Wonder Woman heads into its final weeks of general theatrical release, fans will get one more chance to experience the movie in a premium format.

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IMAX has announced that, starting this Friday, Wonder Woman will begin a limited run in select IMAX theaters. This further illustrates how much confidence the industry has in the film and its ability to continue bringing people to the theater. While the movie's IMAX run probably won't add a significant amount to its overall box office total, it will certainly help Wonder Woman's steady climb of success.

She's back! This Friday, #WonderWoman returns to select IMAX theatres. Find what's playing near you:

— IMAX (@IMAX) August 22, 2017

Generally, a big movie will debut in IMAX and regular theaters at the same time, before being pushed out within a few weeks for another film. Occasionally, IMAX will bring back a popular movie to allow people to re-experince it in the format or see it for the first time, if they missed the initial run. As Wonder Woman was a movie that many people saw based on word of mouth, it's likely that a number of fans of the film didn't catch it in IMAX the first time around. As such, this limited run could be a nice boon for theaters.

The move also comes as promotion for the home video release of Wonder Woman is gearing up, with promises of plenty of bonus features. Like the film's run in the theaters, the Blu-ray, DVD, and digital release of the movie will bring Warner Bros. a steady stream of income and help to embolden the DC to continue to try new things.

Along with the official slate of Justice League films on the horizon, WB and DC currently have a number of DC Comics adaptations in early development. The latest update on that front is that the Joker will be getting an origin film set adjacent to the DCEU - and like Wonder Woman, it will be a period piece, allowing the movie to wrap itself in a style and mood all its own. Whether the Joker film and other DCEU movies will prove as successful as Wonder Woman, only time will tell.

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Source: IMAX

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