Wonder Woman IMAX Posters Spotlight the Warriors of Themyscira


Some new official IMAX character posters for Wonder Woman have been revealed. This all comes just a few weeks ahead of the DC film's theatrical release at the end of next week, which many fans are hoping will effectively put the DCEU in critics' good graces, following the poor reception for Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad last year. Coming from director Patty Jenkins, the film follows Gal Gadot's Diana Prince when she embarks on a journey with WWI fighter pilot, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), to try and help save humanity from the forces working to tear it apart.

All of the Wonder Woman trailers and promotional imagery have been pitch perfect and received positively by even some of the most skeptical of DC fans as of late. Much to the joy and excitement of those very same fans too, early reactions to Wonder Woman have been positive so far, from both fans and critics alike, already giving it more positive buzz than either Batman v Superman or Suicide Squad had leading up to their respective theatrical debuts.

In anticipation of the film's release as well, Warner Bros. and IMAX have partnered up for a reveal today of three brand new character posters for Wonder Woman. It is a decidedly Amazon-centric set of posters, highlighting Gadot's Diana, along with Connie Nielsen's Queen Hippolyta and Robin Wright's General Antiope. Both of the latter characters have been featured prominently in the Wonder Woman trailers up until this point, with many calling out both Nielsen and Wright as standout performers in the ensemble. You can check out the posters below:

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Unlike most other comic book heroes and heroines out there right now, Wonder Woman is one of the only ones that it felt like fans genuinely wanted to see the origin story for on the big screen. Considering not only just how integral it is to her character, but also how unique the entire island and mythology of Themyscira is, it's not hard to understand why either.

So to see Patty Jenkins and everyone else involved in the film finding the right way to bring that story and the world to life in live-action form, without dipping too heavily into cheesy or dark tones, is worthy of appreciation by itself. If, as the early reactions say, the film manages to nail everything else it sets out to do, then Wonder Woman could very well not just be the saving grace that the DCEU has desperately been looking for, but one of the best DC comic book movies ever made. It's hard to think of a character more deserving of that kind of title than Diana Prince too.

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