Wonder Woman Images: Diana Prince Teams Up With Steve Trevor

The DCEU's Justice League may have been the one dominating social media last week, thanks to the full-length trailer that was just released, but Wonder Woman is still to come before the whole team get together. Hitting theaters in just over two months, this will be the first solo movie for the DC Extended Universe since 2013's Man Of Steel, and fans are looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman's backstory told on the big screen. We already know the basic premise of the movie -- that Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crash lands on Themyscira, and is returned to the world by Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), who joins him during the First World War.

Fans have already seen plenty of images of Wonder Woman and Trevor in "man's world" during this time period, thanks to the trailer itself as well as various stills and promotional images. It is also known that Diana is going to have a range of period-appropriate costumes as well as her Wonder Woman skirt and corset, as she tries to fit in with the humans around her. Now, you can see her in two new stills, alongside Trevor in both her main costumes for the film.

The images were posted to Twitter this week by DC Comics On Film. One shows Wonder Woman in her Themyscirian costume and a black coat/fur, standing next to Trevor in a thick coat and sweater. This image is captioned "New picture from #WonderWoman". The second shows Diana and Trevor sitting at a table with two other men, Said Taghmaoui (who plays Sameer) and Ewen Bremner (who plays Charlie). This image is captioned "Another new #WonderWoman still featuring @GalGadot @SaidTaghmaoui #ChrisPine and @ewenbremner".

New picture from #WonderWoman

— DC Comics on Film (@DCComicsOnFilm) March 28, 2017

Another new #WonderWoman still featuring @GalGadot @SaidTaghmaoui #ChrisPine and @ewenbremner

— DC Comics on Film (@DCComicsOnFilm) March 28, 2017

The images and costumes fit with other images that we have already seen, unsurprisingly, and seem to show Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor when they first arrive in the "real" world, and when they are attempting to form a plan or find out some sort of information.

It's great to see more images from the upcoming film, even if they don't tell us anything that we didn't already know. We've already seen these costumes, and know that Wonder Woman will be teaming up with Steve Trevor -- especially as that is a key part of her backstory. That said, not every image needs to spark a huge amount of speculation or include a big reveal. These are simple fantastic shots that keep excitement bubbling for the summer release which is sure to be an absolute smash hit.

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Source: DC Comics On Film

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