Chris Pine Takes Center Stage in New Wonder Woman Images

New images from Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman movie highlights Diana's ally Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, in World War I.

In a surprising turn of events, Chris Pine's Steve Trevor takes center stage in two new Wonder Woman images. Audiences will be heading to World War I in Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman next month, which sees Gal Gadot reprise her role as the eponymous heroine, Diana Prince. Gadot made her DC Extended Universe debut as the Princess of Themyscira in Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice last year, and she will be returning to the big screen following her solo movie later this year in Snyder's Justice League.

Wonder Woman will be an origin story for the iconic character, albeit one that deviates slightly from her established comic book origins. In the film, Diana and the Amazons learn of the "war to end all wars" when an American pilot, Steve Trevor (Pine), crash lands off the shores of Themyscira. Wanting to honor the Amazons' divine duty to safeguard humanity, Diana embarks on a journey with Trevor to bring peace back to the world.

While we haven't seen much of Steve Trevor outside of the trailers, today a pair of new Wonder Woman images have cropped up online that focus on the American pilot, played by Pine. Take a look:

Not long ago, people were questioning Warner Bros.' lack of marketing for Wonder Woman. People were concerned that the shared universe's first female-led superhero film wasn't receiving as much attention as previous male-led franchise installments. However, it turns out that Wonder Woman's marketing is actually outpacing that of Suicide Squad's - and that's evident by the recent surge in promotion we've seen, which includes a new trailer and a bevy of new posters.

Aside from Gadot and Pine, there are several big-name actors and actresses in the film, such as Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen, Danny Huston, and David Thewlis, but audiences may not have been aware of that thanks to the lack of marketing for their characters. Up until this past week, the studio focused the film's marketing entirely on Wonder Woman. It's her movie, and they wanted to make that notion abundantly clear, but that all changed when Pine appeared in a poster alongside the superhero. That went against the production's traditional marketing strategy, which is why some fans have gone out of their way to remove the actor from the poster.

I fixed the new Wonder Woman poster. You're welcome.

(Sorry Chris)

— Constance (@ConstanceHello) May 11, 2017

On another note, the same day advanced tickets went on sale, Warner Bros. held one of the very first screenings of the film for certain members of the press. Judging by the spoiler-free early reactions, it looks like Wonder Woman might be the first non-polarizing film in the DC Extended Universe. Positive reviews may go a long way to increasing the film's overall run at the box office, especially during its opening weekend. Currently, Wonder Woman is projected to open to $75 - $100 million domestically, but those predictions may increase as we near the film's release.

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Source: Warner Bros.

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