Wonder Woman (Training Armor) Figure Revealed by Hot Toys

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Diana (Gal Gadot) is depicted in battle training mode in a new Wonder Woman 1:6 scale figure from Hot Toys. Distributed by Sideshow Collectibles in the U.S., Hot Toys products have become the gold standard in the high-end action figure collectibles market. Featuring stunning likenesses of the actors who are the subject of their releases, the company also have concentrated on the screen accuracy of the characters they are bring, including details of the costumes worn by superheroes and villains they've created from the DCEU, including the newest incarnations of Batman, Joker and Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad.

Appropriately unveiled on the day the first-ever Wonder Woman solo movie hits theaters around the world, Hot Toys says it is producing a second figure of the Princess of the Amazons, which will following the release of their Wonder Woman figure in her traditional superhero costume (from Batman V Superman) this summer. The figure announced Friday by Hot Toys is technically dubbed Wonder Woman (Training Armor Version), and like previous releases by the company, comes with several extras to recreate poses from the film. Here's a description of the figure from Sideshow:

"Featuring Gal Gadot as the Amazonian Princess Diana in the movie, the figure is finely crafted based on her appearance in Wonder Woman wearing the Themyscira training armor. The newly developed head sculpt is perfectly carved with movie-accurate quality. The outfit is specifically tailored to showcase the fine detailing. What’s more, the figure comes with an assortment of weapons such as the Amazons' mythical “God Killer” sword with a base, a shield, bow and arrows and her signature "Bracelets of Submission”. On top of the accessories, a themed figure stand and a specially designed Themyscira Island backdrop are included as well."

According to Sideshow, the figure will include a new head sculpt of Gadot (each of which are hand-painted) that's different in facial expression than the previous Wonder Woman. The figure also has a specialized body with 17 points of articulation and is over 11.4 inches tall. Also included in the release are six pieces of interchangeable hands, including one right fist, one pair of relaxed hands, one pair of hands for holding a sword, one left hand for holding shield, and one hand for holding an arrow.

The costume for the new figure includes specially tailored gold-colored Wonder Woman training armor, one brown-colored leather-like strap cuff, one pair of brown and gold colored leather-like gladiator boots, and one arm bandage. The figure's weapons include an engraved sword, a shield, one pair of silver and gold colored Bracelets of Submission, one pair of orange and gold colored Bracelets of Submission, one engraved silver and gold colored bow, and three arrows. Also included in the release is a gold-colored spherical sword base, and a specially-designed Wonder Woman themed figure stand with the character's name. The Wonder Woman (Training Armor Version) figure is pegged for an April-June 2018 release, and retails for $234.99.

The release of the training armor figure of Diana from Hot Toys is great to see, as it's clear the company has confidence in the long-term prospects of the Wonder Woman movie. A decision to create such a highly detailed figure like this are months in the making, long before any box office estimates are calculated. But since the film is expected to make as much as $95 million domestically and $175 million globally in its opening weekend, fans will in all likelihood be clamoring for Wonder Woman product, and a figure like the new training armor version from Hot Toys may attract a fair amount of attention.

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Source: Sideshow Collectibles/Hot Toys

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