Wonder Woman Honest Trailer: The Hero The DCEU Needs

The Honest Trailer for Wonder Woman has arrived. Before Wonder Woman, the DCEU was struggling critically. While the previous three movies did well enough financially to warrant sequels, and the continuation of the extended universe, both Superman films and Suicide Squad received poor reviews from critics - with their pace, characters, and stories often being criticized. And while fans were mixed - especially when it came to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justicethe movies certainly have some very loud detractors.

And then came Wonder Woman. With Gal Gadot's performance as amazon warrior Diana already receiving praise for her role in Batman V Superman, there was a high bar set for her solo movie. The film certainly delivered at the box office as well; it is one of the 20th highest grossing films of all time, and one of the top five superhero films in the United States. And it is by far the most highly praised of the DCEU films among critics.

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Now that Wonder Woman is available for purchase, YouTube is starting to see some funny videos about the film. How it Should Have Ended got the ball rolling with Wonder Woman videos. And now Screen Junkies has given the movie one of their popular Honest Trailers.

The comedic trailer starts by calling out some of the DCEU's most critiqued issues - including length, confusion, and just how sad Clark Kent always seems to be - and points out that Wonder Woman succeeded by not making any of those mistakes. They also remind audiences that the first attempts at female lead superhero films - Catwoman, Supergirland Electra - seemed to make film studios reluctant to spotlight female heroes. But the problems with those movies were not that the heroes were women, it was that they were simply not good films.

The trailer is not all praise - even though it is clear that the folks at Screen Junkies were fans of the film and understand it's social importance. They do call out some of the critiques and flaws of the film - including how it holds multiple origin stories and the silly campiness of the villains. There is also a moment where the trailer acknowledges how the Amazon women use accents similar to Gal Gadot's natural Israeli accent to support the actress rather than the story.

When introducing the characters, Diana is refered to as: "The hero the DCEU doesn't deserve, but sure as hell needs right now." All of her attributes - positive and negative - are listed to show how she is an interesting and complex character. And yes, a few moments are given for her beauty. Though her incessant questions are called out as maybe going a little too far to show how in spite of her intelligence, she is ignorant of the world around her. And when it comes to Steve, Chris Pine gets praised for fulling the roles of love interest, emotional support, and person in need of saving that women usually have to fill in male lead superhero films.

All in all, Screen Junkies does a good job of admitting that Wonder Woman might not be the perfect movie, but it is certainly an important one - both for women and for the future of the DC Extended Universe.

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Source: Screen Junkies

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