Wonder Woman and DC Dominate in Halloween Costume Searches

Following the blockbuster success of the Wonder Woman film this summer, the character is the most-searched for Halloween costume.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Wonder Woman is the most Googled Halloween costume for 2017. The superhero film directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot was a critical success and box office smash becoming one of the highest grossing films ever. There is already a sequel in the works, bringing back Gadot and Jenkins, who will be raking in seven figures to write and direct. There is even an Oscar campaign in the works to get Wonder Woman nominations for Best Picture, Actress, Director, and Cinematography.

Besides making millions of dollars for Warner Brothers, Wonder Woman helped inspired faith in DC films. Wonder Woman had an overwhelmingly positive response from critics and fans alike. For those who had problems with Batman V. Superman or Man of SteelWonder Woman was a reminder that there could be hope and light in the DC Universe. Diana promises to feature as a major player in Justice League as well with more focus placed on the character after the success of her solo film.

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According to Just Jared, Wonder Woman is the most searched Halloween costume on Google. Twenty-four out of 51 states (the list includes Washington D.C.) had Wonder Woman as their number one. Other DC heroes make the list as well including Harley Quinn (6), Joker (1), and Catwoman (1). Clowns appear on the list 4 times, undoubtedly due to the popularity of It. And while it's not a contest, it's notable that no Marvel characters appear anywhere on the list (although people in Maine did search for just "superhero").

Wonder Woman gave women (and men) the first female superhero to look up to on the big screen. From all female screenings of the film to group costumes at comic conventions, it was clear the effect the movie had on popular culture and women in general. Seeing Diana, Hippolyta, Antiope, and the rest of the Amazon Warriors was empowering and inspiring after years of male only superhero films. It makes sense that fans young and old would want to emulate this hero for Halloween.

Wonder Woman has mass appeal. She is for everyone, from lifelong readers of her comics to new fans finding her through the live action film for the first time. There are so many ways to dress as the iconic character too, whether in a blue and white star spangled skirt with thigh high red boots or the new, more armored look from the DC films. With Justice League right around the corner as well there are sure to be a number of  great group costumes to look forward to this Halloween.

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