Gal Gadot: Military Training Was Easier Than Wonder Woman Training

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot talks about her training for the movie and reveals it was more intensive than her training in the Israeli army. The next installment in the DCEU hits the big screen in just under a week, and superhero fans are gearing up to celebrate what could be the first unqualified success for the franchise. Early reactions to Wonder Woman have been consistently positive, with many critics calling it the best movie in the DCEU by a long shot.

In the run up to the film, Gadot has been busy doing the usual press circuit, appearing on morning shows and interviewing with news outlets, and she's been revealing some great tidbits about filming in the process. Now, she's compared training for the film to her time training in the Israeli army, and it seems that Wonder Woman was the harder of the two.

In an appearance on Live Kelly & Ryan, Gadot was asked about her training regime. She described months of working out six hours a day, doing work at the gym as well as training with horses and weaponry. Comparing it to the army training she has done, Gadot describes the training for Wonder Woman as much more intense:

Gadot: I was training for six months prior to the shoots, and six hours a day. I did two hours [of] gym work, two hours [of] fight choreography and one and a half hours - two hours horseback riding, which is super hard! When people used to tell me, "Yeah, I do sport, I ride horses," I was like, "That's not sport, the horse does everything." But no! You'll be surprised, it's so painful.

Kelly: Do you think being in the Israeli army helped you with your training?

Gadot: It was a lot more intensive on this one. Oh, by far.

Gadot was in the Israeli army for two years, starting at the age of 20 (military service is compulsory for Israeli citizens). After a three-month bootcamp, she went on to become a combat trainer, and since then has gone on to physically demanding movie roles and even performed many of her own stunts.

It may come as a surprise to some that Gadot's army training was easier than her time preparing for Wonder Woman, but it just goes to show how much work she is putting in to the role. Not only was her movie training longer than the army bootcamp (twice as long, in fact), but it involved learning totally new skills like swordfighting, using a lasso, and riding a horse. Gadot really seems committed to her new place in the superhero pantheon, and this promises some incredible action sequences when the film is released next week.

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Source: Live Kelly & Ryan

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