Wonder Woman Star Teases Special Surprise Tomorrow

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

With Kong: Skull Island now out in theaters, the next big movie coming out of Warner Bros. will expand the DCEU by going back to WWI. Wonder Woman will see Gal Gadot reprise her role as Amazonian warrior and princess Diana Prince from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but this time she will not be playing second fiddle. To help Gadot usher in her first solo film, WB has paired her with director Patty Jenkins and a talented supporting cast.

These factors and a stellar marketing campaign to this point have resulted in excitement continuing to rise for the female led superhero film. From the trailers to the posters, WB's marketing team has continued to release content that makes fans more interested in Wonder Woman. This continued today with the release of a new vibrant poster, but that won't be the only wonderful surprise coming this weekend.

Following the debut of the poster, Gadot has confirmed on Twitter that something else Wonder Woman related will be coming tomorrow. The actress could not elaborate on what the surprise will be, but it is all but confirmed that a new trailer is what she is hinting at.

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