Gal Gadot Thanks Zack Snyder For Believing In Her As Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot as Diana Prince Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot has publicly thanked director Zack Snyder for casting her as Wonder Woman. Gadot was first announced as the Amazonian superhero for Snyder's Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and despite featuring the two biggest superheroes of all time in a fight to the death, Gadot's Wonder Woman proved to be the the best received character of the entire movie. As such, there was a buzz of excitement surrounding the Patty Jenkins-directed Wonder Woman solo movie, and that film would ultimately go on to become the most critically successful DCEU release up to that point. Snyder would direct Gadot once again in Justice League, but as with Batman V. Superman, the actress was a bright point in an otherwise unspectacular film.

When the DCEU began, it was Snyder's long-term vision driving the multi-film franchise but due to several factors, the director's plan was radically altered and, particularly with Justice League, there's a debate as to which creative decisions were Snyder's and which came from other sources, such as Warner Bros. or Snyder's replacement on Justice League, Joss Whedon. In the midst of all the debate, the DCEU's core cast has only ever spoken positively about Snyder, and the director has always returned the favor.

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Gadot has now posted a tweet on her official Twitter account thanking Snyder for believing in her ability to portray the iconic Wonder Woman. The post features a tribute from Snyder himself, in which he confirms that Gadot had been mentally cast during the pair's first meeting, and one of the first promotional images of the actress in full costume. The tweet comes as part of Gadot's Revlon-sponsored #icansoidid campaign.

While Snyder's level of influence on recent DCEU developments is hotly debated, there's one area of the franchise for which he takes more or less full responsibility: the casting of the main Justice League superheroes. While some decisions didn't go down at all well with some fans (see: Ben Affleck as Batman), Snyder's decision to cast Gadot as Wonder Woman was nothing less than a masterstroke. The actress more than did justice to the character and Gadot's performance increased her profile tenfold, propelling her into the cinematic stratosphere.

Gadot's success in the Wonder Woman role has meant that she'll continue to appear in solo DCEU adventures, while her Justice League colleagues seemingly fall by the wayside. Last year, it was reported that Warner Bros. had no plans for Henry Cavill's Superman and earlier this month, Affleck was confirmed not to be returning as Bruce Wayne. Diana Prince, meanwhile, is set to appear in the forthcoming Wonder Woman 1984.

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Source: Gal Gadot/Twitter

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