Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot Calls Director Her 'Sister'

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The very first incarnation of the Justice League may have appeared in a 1960 issue of The Brave and the Bold, but for a long time, many people that didn't read comic books were more familiar with the superhero team by another name: the Super Friends.

Thanks to more mainstream comic book exposure through newer Justice League animations and - more recently - the development of the DC Extended Universe and the highly anticipated Justice League movie in November, Justice League is a much more known quantity, but that old Super Friends title still comes to mind with many glimpses of the cast and crew behind the production of the DCEU.

While many fans and critics might try to label the movies of the DCEU as "joyless" or lacking in fun, that's definitely not the case behind the scenes. The cast of Suicide Squad was notoriously tight-knit, with director David Ayer saying the level of friendship seen on the cast is "very rare" in the business. Zack Snyder also praised the chemistry of the Justice League cast, and images of Jason Momoa playing guitar on set in full Aquaman armor, and the behind the scenes video released to celebrate the end of filming shows smiles all around.

So, while the DCEU is using the much less campy "Justice League" moniker, it looks like the "Super Friends" label can still be applied. Our own Rob Keyes even corroborated the many reports of a great chemistry between the cast members from his Justice League set visit back in June on the Total Geekall podcast.

Not one to break the tradition, Gal Gadot recently shared a touching Facebook tribute to her Wonder Woman director, Patty Jenkins, calling Jenkins her "sister soul" and "best partner" as she expresses excitement over starting the Wonder Woman press tour prior to the film's release in June.

Wonder Woman will be under intense scrutiny as many look for a change in tone from the previous films in the franchise, and, while this post from Gadot doesn't indicate anything about the movie's aesthetic (the trailers provide enough of that), it does show a level of respect and appreciation that shows yet another great glimpse at the behind the scenes relationships  in the DCEU.

While the DCEU is clearly shying away from the tone exhibited in the Super Friends cartoons of the 1970's, it's great for many fans to see that the cast and crew love making these films and have formed strong friendships behind the scenes, even of they've spent much of their on-screen time fighting thus far.

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