Harlem Globetrotters Select Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman in Draft

The world famous Harlem Globetrotters basketball team has selected Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot in its annual player "draft." The Globetrotters, of course, are the internationally beloved exhibition basketball team that has shown its flair for comedy and entertainment in more than 26,000 games all over the world since the teams inception in 1926. Featuring legends Meadowlark Lemon and Curly Neal over the years, the Globetrotters since 2007 have annually added players to their ranks via the team's "draft," which happens to run just prior to the  NBA's draft.

While some of the players the Globetrotters draft are seriously meant to compete for a spot on the team's roster, other picks are clearly symbolic, made due to the draftees' stature in the world of sports and entertainment. On Tuesday, those symbolic picks included Heisman Trophy winner and former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, and New York Yankees star right fielder Aaron Judge.

But perhaps the biggest pick by the Globetrotters this week came in Round No. 4 (out of 6), when the team selected none other than a wondrous woman named Gal Gadot from Israel. The team tweeted news of the pick to fans:

In a follow-up tweet, the Globetrotters provided some background about their Wonder-ful pick

It's pretty safe guess to say Gadot is quite happy with the success of Wonder Woman -- which broke records in its opening weekend and is on the cusp of becoming the highest-grossing DC Extended Universe film in North America. Should Gadot accept, though, she would likely be happy to find out that the Globetrotters are all for female empowerment, since the team features both men and women players.

At the very least, Gadot looks to be getting a cool Globetrotters jersey out of the deal, and at the moment it seems that she's getting No. 17 (Tebow's getting No. 15 and Judge No. 99). Judge, in fact, is already proudly displaying his new jersey on the Globetrotters' Twitter feed, so with any luck, fans will see Gadot holding her jersey soon.

Of course, it would also be amazing to see the Amazon warrior princess dunking a ball or two as well, and given the amount of training she puts into the role, it should be relatively easy for her. But given her upcoming work on Justice League in November and hopefully Wonder Woman 2 sooner than later (the good news is that Jenkins is already cowriting a treatment for the sequel), DC would probably feel better if Gadot didn't risk any athletic injury. After all, there are still plenty of supervillains she needs to take down.

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Source: Harlem Globetrotters

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