Wonder Woman Recruits The Creator of Marvel's Khamala Khan

Writer G. Willow Wilson - best known as the co-creator of Kamala Khan (a.k.a. Ms. Marvel) - has been tapped by DC Comics to take over the Wonder Woman comic book.

Wilson's work as a comic author has been as controversial as it has been critically acclaimed. Her co-creation of Kamala Khan - a teenage girl and devout Muslim who took up the Ms. Marvel name after Carol Danvers took the name Captain Marvel - drew cries of protest from those felt Marvel Comics had gone too far in their efforts to present a more culturally diverse line-up of characters. Despite this outcry and threats of boycotts, Wilson's Ms. Marvel has gone on to become one of Marvel's most popular titles in terms of trade-paperback sales. It has also won numerous awards, including the Hugo Award in 2015 for Best Graphic Story and the 2016 Dwayne McDuffie Award.

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DC Comics announced Wilson's taking over Wonder Woman in a press release on their website. While acknowledging Wilson's work for their marvelous competitor, the release noted that this was not Wilson's first time working for the company and that she had previously worked on Superman, Vixen and The Outsiders and that her original works Cairo and Air were published through the company's Vertigo line for mature readers. Wilson's run on Wonder Woman is scheduled to start in November, with a story called "The Just War."

"I’m delighted to be writing such an iconic character as Wonder Woman and to be working with DC once again," said Wilson. "With more than 75 years of history, Wonder Woman has a wealth of backstory and drama to draw from, and I look forward to putting a spin on Diana and her supporting cast that’s both new, yet familiar. It’ll be a challenge to do her justice, but I like a challenge and can’t wait to get started."

Wilson will be joined on the new series by artist Cary Nord. Perhaps best known for his acclaimed run on the Dark Horse Comics' Conan series with writer Kurt Busiek, Nord also recently co-created a new series for DC Comics, The Unexpected, with Ryan Sook. Nord is also famous for his work on X-O Manowar.

A brief summary of the plot of "The Just War" promises a storyline that will offer easy appeal to those potential readers who are more familiar with Wonder Woman from the film starring Gal Gadot than the more recent comic books. Princess Diana of Themyscira will once again cross paths with Ares, God of War, who has somehow won free of the prison that was meant to hold him. Ares is not acting like his usual self, however, and Diana is forced to consider the possibility that the sworn enemy of her people may honestly be trying to redeem himself.

Recruiting Wilson is a major feather in DC Comics' cap. As one of the most acclaimed writers in mainstream comics when it comes to writing heroines, Wilson is sure to put a unique and interesting spin on Wonder Woman. Teaming her with Nord is also a brilliant idea, as Nord's fantastic style would prove a strong match for the mythological tone of Diana's adventures. Throw in the fact that Wilson's story will be friendly to new readers attracted by the films and this is one book that bears watching.

“The Just War” begins in Wonder Woman #58, which goes on sale November 14, 2018.

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