Wonder Woman Final Trailer - 'They Do Not Deserve You'

The final trailer for Wonder Woman has just arrived at the MTV Movie Awards. Gal Gadot may have made her debut as the superheroine in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but she did not have a major role to play until the finale. However, even in her small, introductory capacity, Gadot left a lasting impression on many viewers that has been a driving force in the interest in her solo film. Gadot has been paired with director Patty Jenkins to deliver the first big budget, female-led superhero movie and it has so far impressed, during its marking campaign.

Of course, this is based on the Wonder Woman trailers only, with Warner Bros. and DC having routinely shown a knack for producing superb trailers for all of their movies, in the past. Still, the perception is that Wonder Woman will be the first DCEU movie to universally deliver on the promises of its marketing. After a flurry of other materials coming out recently, the final trailer has arrived to kick off the final push.

Gadot is present at the MTV Movie Awards and during the event, and Warner Bros. Pictures debuted the final trailer for her solo superhero movie online. Much like what has come before, the final Wonder Woman trailer continues to keep the spotlight on Diana as she travels outside of her home world of Themyscira, putting her front and center in World War I.

There is no doubt that Wonder Woman has already been the recipient of some stellar marketing and trailers, but they may have saved the best for last. Unlike the trailers that came before that had a balance of character and action, this one is almost primarily action, and not in a bad way. Director Patty Jenkins looks to have captured a truly epic feel in the battlefield and deliver countless stunning moments of action. As if these scenes aren't good enough already, they should translate wonderfully on the big screen.

The reaction to all of the marketing has been great to this point, and everyone is hoping that the reactions to the full movie have the same result. The DCEU has yet to have a bonafide hit in terms of public perception or critical praise, but there is a lot of hope that Wonder Woman can turn this around. Ultimately, this expectation has only heightened the anticipation for Gadot's solo film, as it could be a pivotal point for the DCEU. Thankfully, the marketing has instilled confidence for most that these expectations will be met, if not surpassed.

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Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

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