Brie Larson's Favorite Female Superhero is Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel star Brie Larson chooses DC's Wonder Woman as her favorite female superhero. Debuting as the titular character for the latest MCU film, the Academy Award winning actress is tipped to become one of the faces of the franchise as it moves forward potentially without its original actors like Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man/Tony Stark), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), and Chris Evans (Captain America/Steve Rogers).

Carol Danvers' origin story, directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, takes place in 1995, predating the events of 2008's Iron Man. Unaware of her history in Earth after she was abducted and programmed to become a Kree warrior member of the Starforce, she gets entangled with young (still two-eyed) Nick Fury (Sam Jackson) and fan-favorite Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) back when they were low-ranking S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives. The movie has quickly become another commercial success for Marvel Studios, becoming the sixth-highest worldwide opening of all-time with a  a whopping $455 million debut. It's well on its way for a $500 million global haul, almost locking its chances to become a member of the $1 billion club.

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As Larson makes her way to become the newest face of female empowerment in the comic book film arena, it turns out that her favorite superheroine is from  DC - Wonder Woman - played by Gal Gadot on the big screen. During Captain Marvel's red carpet premiere in Hollywood, where the actress spoke with The Female Lead, she revealed that she likes Wonder Woman a lot because "she's super cool." She also sent a shoutout to the ladies of Wakanda from Black PantherGadot, for her part, took it to her official Instagram account to congratulate Larson for debuting as a superhero, sharing a fan-art from maxyartwork depicting Diana and Carol arm-and-arm. Check out the image below:

Gadot wasn't the only one from the Wonder Woman team to congratulate Larson for Captain Marvel, director Patty Jenkins also sent the actress well-wishes when her film hit theaters. Jenkins and Gadot's collaboration for Wonder Woman is credited to have shattered the concept that female-led superhero films will not perform well in terms of box office. Not only did the 2017 Warner Bros. project gross a total of $821.8 million all over the world, it's still the best-received DCEU movie to date. Considering their success, it wasn't surprising that they're teaming up again for Wonder Woman 1984 slated to come out summer of next year.

Larson picking a superheroine from a rival comic book brand and Gadot congratulating her on the success of Captain Marvel is further proof that there's no bad blood between actors who play these iconic characters from Marvel and DC. Fans who like to propagate hate should take a page from their book and follow suit. Additionally, considering that both actress got separate flak for being cast as their respective superhero hero roles, it's great to see nothing but love and support between them.

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Source: The Female Lead, Gal Gadot (via maxy artwork)

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