Wonder Woman Finally Meets Her Father, DC's New Zeus

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Wonder Woman #37


Wonder Woman meeting her brother was one thing, but now her father Zeus has entered DC's new universe, too. Diana has had some serious family drama in recent months, even after struggling to understand her own Amazon origin in her first Rebirth story arc. Once that was settled, Wonder Woman's twin brother Jason stepped into the spotlight. And in a plot of betrayal, deceit, Old Gods, and even a baby version of Darkseid, it soon became hard to tell which way was up.

At long last, Zeus himself has stepped in to restore order. At least, that's his intention. In Wonder Woman #37 the task of returning a new vision of Zeus, King of the Gods to the DC Universe falls to writer James Robinson and a stellar art team. The new design for Zeus is worthy of a god, but seeing him enter outright combat with Darkseid - Wonder Woman and her brother Jason along with him - is filled with too many memorable moments to count.

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As shocking as it was to finally see the mystery of Queen Hippolyta's other child lead to Jason, Diana's brother, the "Children of the Gods" storyline saved its best twist for last. The story arc technically began way back in the "Darkseid War" that kicked off the larger Rebirth plot, seeing Darkseid killed, then reincarnated into the body of a newborn baby. Baby Darkseid consumed Old Gods to grow, which immediately brought him onto Wonder Woman's radar. Taking out demigods is one thing, but when Hercules himself falls to the child Darkseid and his daughter, Grail, things have gotten serious.

When Hercules's lawyer, a man named Mr. Hooper came to Diana and informed her that she was to inherit his possessions, and his knowledge of her twin brother, she was on the case. But only when Jason was corrupted and turned against her did Mr. Hooper reveal his true identity. Not a lawyer, but the King of the Old Gods.

The reveal actually came on the final page of Wonder Woman #36, as everyone present looked on in shock as Zeus slowly revealed himself. Having sworn to stay out of matters of Earth and its inhabitants and visitors, he had committed only to seeking Wonder Woman's influence. As credit to just how powerful and capable she really is, it was only when Darkseid, Grail, and Jason had gotten the jump on her and began draining her life force that Zeus made his presence known. And with a design located somewhere between classical depictions of the God of the Sky and the Zeus that almost made the Justice League movie, he immediately calls down his signature lightning to give Darkseid a real fight.

We won't reveal exactly how that fight goes, so fans have a chance to see it for themselves. But needless to say, the clash of Old God and New is far bigger, far more destructive, and generally more epic than any in the story before. Add in Jason and Diana's team-up, and it may be the closest thing DC fans get to seeing a 'Wonder Woman Family' adventure on the printed page. As we teased above, the fight travels thousands of miles across the Earth, with more than one significant shifting of momentum.

Which means as eager as Zeus is to finally make war when he leaps into the fight, Darkseid's own powers may have him rethinking that recklessness in the future. But no matter how the fight turns out, it's one that every fan of Wonder Woman - be it the movie, the comics, or any other incarnation - should see. And considering how rare certified appearances of Zeus in the DCU really are, it's one more standout moment in Wonder Woman's Rebirth.

Wonder Woman #37 is available now.

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