Wonder Woman: Watch Etta Candy Give A Lesson On Amazons

Wonder Woman Trailer 2 - Etta Candy

Etta Candy gives out a history short course on the Amazons in a newly released Wonder Woman featurette. Fans can finally enjoy this summer's biggest film at their homes with the rollout of Diana Prince's (Gal Gadot) origin story digitally just a few days ago. And aside from the main film directed by Patty Jenkins, some bonus clips have been chucked in the pack for some never-before-seen footages and insightful featurettes with regard to the DC Extended Universe's most successful project thus far. The slew of additional perks includes that of Steve Trevor's (Chris Pine) perky secretary played by Lucy Davis.

Etta Candy has been claiming the spotlight recently with her various contribution in the Wonder Woman Home Entertainment package. She has been revealed to be a major game player in what could be Diana's period piece's direct relation to Justice League. In the recently never-before-seen epilogue for the movie, she is seen rounding up the Amazonian goddess's WW1 trope for a top secret mission that sounds like it has something to do with the Mother Boxes. These portable super-powered computers are expected to serve as the MacGuffin of DCEU's upcoming ensemble movie prompting big bad Steppenwolf and his Paredemons descend on Earth.

This new clip uploaded on Warner Bros. Home Entertainment's official YouTube page, however, takes a lighter tone, as Candy directly addresses the audience in her usual cheerful manner. During the video, she walks us through some of  Themyscira's key personalities including their greatest warrior, Antiope (Robin Wright) and their queen and Diana's mother, Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen). She also briefly went over other important characters that helped shape Wonder Woman's childhood until she decided to fight the bigger fight and end the War that ends all Wars. You can check the short clip above.

Wonder Woman Trailer 2 - Etta Candy

While we do not know where Etta fits in in the DCEU's contemporary timeline, it would be great to see her back in action for the planned Wonder Woman sequel which is said to be another period piece. However, since the film is still more than two years away, specifics on its narrative is still rather scant but if anything, Jenkins, who is presumed to return behind the camera, has nothing but excitement over the property.

While Wonder Woman is now available on digital format, its physical copy is expected to drop this month. The Blu-ray release date has already been confirmed to be on Tuesday, September 19 and is expected to bring more insight into the history of bringing the Amazons, Themyscira and the rest of the successful movie to life. Commentaries from the actors and notable people involved are also said to going to be included in the pack.

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Source: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

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