Does the Wonder Woman Epilogue Scene Connect To Justice League?

[SPOILERS for those who haven't yet seen Wonder Woman.]


The Wonder Woman home video release is giving fans a fantastic epilogue scene teasing a mission for Steve Trevor's assistant Etta Candy that might connect to The Justice League. The film left Diana mourning Trevor's loss along with Candy, and while Diana has her own soul searching to do about her place in the world of men, it looks like Etta is being drawn into something far larger along with her. The Etta Candy epilogue hints that things might not be over for the crew of mercenaries and that they might play a direct role in the future of the DCEU.

In the clip, Candy shares that they have a new mission: Ensure a very old, very powerful object gets to the Americans for testing in the wake of WWI. While most soldiers were trying to go home, the urgency of the mission underscores that whatever they're transporting is going to be important and potentially life-changing. DCEU diehard fans have settled on this being a Mother Box, one of the objects that the villain Steppenwolf will be hunting on behalf of Darkseid in Justice League. According to canon, 3 mother boxes were split between the Atlanteans, Amazons, and humans in a quest to keep them from the villain, and this clip might address just how this one got to America.

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If it is a Mother Box, it would go specifically to S.T.A.R Labs where Silas Stone used it to help his son Victor, also known as Cyborg. The trailer for Justice League shows that things are looking rather grim for Stone so moving the box out of England is probably a smart idea. If it is a Mother Box, moving it to America ties Etta Candy directly into Cyborg's origin story. The epilogue adds a lot to the DCEU, drawing the story threads closer together and making it more connected.

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There's always a chance that it's not a Mother Box, but you would be hard-pressed to find a likelier candidate for the mission Etta's proposing. The location of the other boxes is sure to be a pivotal plot point for Justice League and the locations of all of them will likely be what unites the DC's heroes together. Could this box, and Etta's mission, be responsible for what draws Cyborg into the league?

Fans have been promised quite a bit with this film and it appears to be on track, if somewhat down to the wire. Wonder Woman is clearly reshaping the DCEU into something incredible, and having Etta play a part is a smart move. Whatever it is Etta has tasked these mercenaries with carrying they may just find themselves carrying the future of the DCEU.

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