Wonder Woman Epilogue Was Filmed During Reshoots

Etta Candy actor Lucy Davis has revealed that the Wonder Woman epilogue scene was actually shot during the film's reshoot schedule, rather than during the original principal photography phase. The news comes just in time for Wonder Woman's digital HD release, months after the DCEU title hit theaters back in the beginning of June. Notable for being the first live-action solo feature film for the beloved comic book character, Wonder Woman has broken box office records left and right throughout its theatrical tenure - and now, its well-regarded status looks to only continue growing moving forwards.

In case the chance to watch Wonder Woman at home wasn't enough to hype up the film's blu-ray and digital HD release, though, Wonder Woman's never-before-seen epilogue has been released online. Not only does the scene feature the return appearance of Davis' Etta Candy, but the epilogue also has a connection to  Justice League's central conflict, as it shows Etta meeting with the surviving members of Diana's WWI posse to tell them the details of their latest mission. With a mention of them finding an old, powerful object too, fans were quick to point out the scene's possible, obvious reference to the mother boxes in Justice League.

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Following the release of the epilogue scene online, Davis, took to Twitter to confirm that the scene was, indeed, directed by Patty Jenkins and was filmed during Wonder Woman's planned reshoot schedule - about six months after the initial round of principal photography:

Yes @PattyJenks directed. We shot it about 6 mths after we finished the movie, while re-shoots were being done

— Lucy Davis (@RealLucyDavis) August 29, 2017

There hasn't been much talk of Wonder Woman's reshoots, aside from how Gal Gadot had to strategically hide her pregnancy during that second round of filming - though even that's still very little when compared to how many conversations reshoots for these kinds of high-profile projects usually drum up. However, the news that this epilogue scene was shot during that reshoot period does make its exclusion from Wonder Woman's theatrical cut that much more peculiar, especially considering how many fans went into Wonder Woman likely certain there would be some kind of post-credits scene attached to it.

It's possible that Patty Jenkins and Warner Bros. just decided it wasn't a sizable enough tag for none-DCEU diehards to understand its possible Justice League connection, but its release now just a few months before Justice League hits theaters in November does make its connection to that massive team-up film that much more interesting to think about. Whether or not "Etta's Mission" is ever referenced in Justice League will have to wait to be seen, but it will be fun to see what other kinds of unexpected connections the film could reveal between the Mother Boxes' history on Earth and the DCEU characters who may have come into contact with them, over the years.

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Source: Lucy Davis

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