Wonder Woman Graces the Cover of Entertainment Weekly

Director Patty Jenkins and Hollywood star Gal Gadot are undoubtedly hoping for a big turn out at the box office early next month when the forthcoming DC Extended Universe film Wonder Woman finally sees theatrical release - and the latest bit of marketing comes in the form of the superheroine herself gracing the cover of EW. Featuring a more modest budget than past entries in the DCEU, many fans of the original comic book character will likely turn out in droves to see the long-awaited adaptation of the iconic superhero property.

Sporting a script penned by comic book royalty Allan Heinberg and Geoff Johns, the latest entry in the ever expanding DCEU from Warner Bros. Pictures already has a sequel in the planning stages and is expected to open to upwards of $100 million in ticket sales at the box office. Even as some moviegoers might still wish that the abandoned scripted penned by Joss Whedon were still a reality, things are definitely looking up for Jenkins and Gadot - and the latest crossover promotion is further proof of that.

Featured front and center on the cover of the latest issue of EW, fans will soon be able to pick up a copy of the special issue dedicated to exploring the long road towards getting a Wonder Woman made in the first place. After decades of several subsequent productions being left to languish in a state of creative abandonment - not the least of which being Whedon's aforementioned take on the iconic character - fans of the Amazonian warrior will finally get to see Diana Prince in action, leading her own vehicle on the silver screen. Check out the magazine cover in question below:

Wonder Woman Entertainment Weekly Cover

Despite many calling the visibility of the marketing campaign that stands behind the theatrical release of Wonder Woman into question, Jenkins and Gadot won't need to win too many of the comic book character's most dedicated fans over sight unseen ahead of the film's summer movie season release next month. If everything goes according to plan, then the latest DCEU feature could very well turn out to be one of the most successful superhero films in the current Warner Bros. stable.

Jenkins obviously holds Wonder Woman in high regard, and the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly sees fit to explore the director's passion for the project. On that note, here's to hoping for the very best from Jenkins as her latest directorial effort finally makes its historic way to the big screen.

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Source: EW

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