Wonder Woman Director Discourages Comparisons to Joss Whedon's Script

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins is discouraging people from comparing her film to Joss Whedon's abandoned Wonder Woman project. It's no secret that Warner Bros. had struggled bringing Diana Prince's story to life on the big screen. In the same span of time that the studio released multiple Batman and Superman films, they also had attempted to adapt the Princess of Themyscira's story numerous times -- and failed virtually every time. The last such attempt was a little over a decade ago, with Whedon at the helm.

Aside from his many television shows, Whedon has made a name for himself amongst general audiences by directing The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron for Marvel Studios. But long before he made his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the filmmaker was working with Warner Bros. to adapt Wonder Woman. He boarded the movie in 2005 and spent two years gestating the script until he eventually dropped the project, citing creative differences and an improper budget.

For the past decade, people have wondered what Whedon's version of Wonder Woman would have been like, especially now that Jenkins' version has released (which is not only critically-acclaimed but a bonafide box office success). In what seems like perfect timing, the script for Whedon's abandoned film emerged online just last month, and people have already combed through its minutiae, noticing key differences between the two stories. It's understandable for audiences to compare both stories, though that's something Jenkins tells BuzzFeed is rather pointless.

“He's in the DC universe now, and I don't think there's any reason to go there. It was what it was. I'm lucky that I'm the person who got to do it. But I don't see what would be beneficial about comparing what he would've done versus what I would have done.”

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Joss Whedon Wonder Woman Movie Details

Jenkins's point is valid, considering that Whedon has rejoined the Distinguished Competition, helping evolve the DC Extended Universe. In addition to helming the Batgirl movie for the studio, Whedon recently took over directing the Justice League reshoots after Zack Snyder had to temporarily depart the project in the wake of a personal tragedy. Although unsubstantiated rumors have suggested that the filmmaker had been brought on to reshoot virtually the entire film, DCEU producer Charles Roven has expressly refuted those notions, saying that Whedon will be carrying out Snyder's Justice League vision.

Despite that, moviegoers may find themselves trying to determine which portions Snyder had filmed in comparison to Whedon's reshoots. The same goes for Wonder Woman. In the month since his abandoned script appeared online, he's received a hefty amount of criticism for various story elements, as well as how he depicted certain characters. While it may be unnecessary to compare Whedon's script to Jenkins' finished product, in many ways, comparing the two does give audiences an inkling of what his Batgirl movie could be like.

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Source: BuzzFeed

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