Wonder Woman Video Features Etta Candy Reminiscing About Diana

Etta Candy in Wonder Woman

Etta Candy, the human female hero of this summer's Wonder Woman, is the subject of a new short where she reminisces about her adventures with the Amazonian warrior.

One of the most celebrated strengths of the superhero summer smash hit was the film's ability to strike a balance between a dramatic and comedic tone, making for a fun but still intense blockbuster. The majority of the humor comes in the fish out of water sequences in London, where Diana Prince has to clumsily navigate the intricacies of a high society and sexist world that she knows nothing about. And a big part of why these scenes of comedy work is the introduction of Lucy Davis' Etta Candy, the sweet and mildly awkward secretary to Steve Trevor who helps Diana acclimate to the complicated world of 20th century England.

Davis reprises her role as Etta in a short featurette promoting the home video and digital release of Wonder Woman. In the video above, Ms. Candy sits by the fireplace with her cup of tea and reflects on her time with Diana Prince, recounting her bizarre experiences with the Amazonian who would eventually change the course of history in the DC Extended Universe. Reading from a scrapbook of sorts, Etta takes us step by step through her time with Diana, who bluntly told the secretary that she was molded from clay in what must've been a first impression for the ages.

It's a neat little tease that provides elaboration on several key film scene. Etta admits to being a bit jealous of how well Diana looks when trying on the clothes that they modeled, though does marvel at her weapons of choice; she even notes that she may have had a good use for the lasso, currently being single and on the prowl for a fine young man. Above all, the earnestness that made Davis' performance so likable shines through here.

Though her main purpose is to serve as needed and welcome comic relief for the film, Etta does get a chance to do provide meaningful help to Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor; as such, her memories feel apt here. It won't be the last we see of Etta either; the Blu-ray itself will include a Candy-focused epilogue where she re-assembles Diana's team.

Wonder Woman is the unequivocal hit of the summer, with over $400 million domestically and an expanded return to theaters this weekend likely to push it even further. If you'd rather wait to rewatch the film in the comfort of your home, Wonder Woman will be available for digital download August 29th and on Blu-Ray and DVD September 19th.

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