15Leaving Themyscira to Stop Ares

Wonder Woman might have more origin stories than any major superhero around, but the idea of her leaving the paradise of Themyscria to save the world beyond is still a classic element. Diana forsaking her personal safety to protect others is one the key tenants of her being a hero,

and it's why it's included in so many of her many origin stories. So it's not surprising that in the second of Greg Rucka’s simultaneous Wonder Woman Rebirth arcs, "Year One," Diana was shown leaving Themsyrcira once again. The thing that is surprising about this particular exit is how emotional and beautiful it was despite being well-worn territory.

In Rebirth, Diana doesn’t have to sneak away or trick her mother into allowing to enter man’s world. Instead, Diana is sent off to fight Ares in a beautiful and touching ceremony by the all Amazons. It's a mission given to Diana, not taken by her. The issue in which happens, Wonder Woman #4, has some of the best artwork from "Year One" artist Nicola Scott, but the moment of Diana being crowned as Wonder Woman is particularly gorgeous.

Diana leaving her home to save the world might not be an original story, but it has rarely been portrayed so well as it was in Rebirth.

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