Wonder Woman Poster Revealed at Licensing Expo 2016

Wonder Woman BVS Promo

In the wake of a Justice League set visit, this week has brought with it plenty of details about the first major DC Extended Universe team-up movie. However, Justice League will actually be the third outing of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, since before it hits theaters the character will be starring in her own solo movie. Directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman is primarily set during the First World War, and will feature a younger and more naive version of the warrior princess.

With just a year left until Wonder Woman arrives in theaters, fans are hoping to see some more promotional material, and perhaps even some footage, from the movie at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. But Comic-Con isn't the only convention happening this summer, and now the first poster for Wonder Woman has been revealed elsewhere: at Licensing Expo 2016.

The DCEU apparently had a big presence at the expo, with banners featuring logos for each of the upcoming DCEU movies, including Aquaman, Green Lantern Corps, The Flash and Cyborg. ComingSoon shared a photo of the Wonder Woman banner, along with a gallery of other photos from the expo. Diana definitely looks ready for a fight as she holds her sword in one hand and shield in the other, with her trusty Lasso of Truth at her side.


Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

We've actually seen a considerable amount of material from Wonder Woman: early footage, an abundance of set photos, and several promotional images of Diana and her fellow Amazonians. Also starring in the movie is Chris Pine as Wonder Woman's love interest Steve Trevor, Connie Nielsen as Wonder Woman's mother, Hippolyta, and Robin Wright as Hippolyta's sister, Antiope. The film will introduce moviegoers to the island of Themyscira, where the Amazonians live separate from the rest of mankind, but will also see Wonder Woman exploring the world outside her homeland.

This marks the first feature film about Wonder Woman, who is considered part of the Justice League's "Trinity" (alongside Batman and Superman) and is easily one of the most recognizable superheroes from the pages of DC Comics. It's also the first standalone movie featuring a female superhero in quite a long time, so the pressure is definitely on for Wonder Woman to succeed.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is now playing in U.S. theaters. Suicide Squad will arrive on August 5, 2016, followed by Wonder Woman on June 2, 2017; Justice League Part One on November 17, 2017; The Flash on March 16, 2018; Aquaman on July 27, 2018; an untitled DC Film on October 5, 2018; Shazam on April 5, 2019; Justice League Part Two on June 14, 2019; an untitled DC film on November 1, 2019; Cyborg on April 3, 2020; and Green Lantern Corps on July 24, 2020.

Source: ComingSoon

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