'Wonder Woman' Has 3 Costumes, Says NBC President

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UPDATE: NBC has declined to order Wonder Woman for an initial season. The project is cancelled.

There's been quite a bit of talk over the costumes sported by Wonder Woman actress Adrianne Palicki and her stunt double in leaked shots. As it turns out, we may have only seen two thirds of her superpowered wardrobe.

NBC entertainment president Robert Greenblatt spoke on Dianna Prince's various costumes yesterday. Apparently the modified costume with the red boots and reduced-glare pants is only one of three outfits viewers will see when the series debuts. The first was leaked last month to much skepticism, and the third has yet to be revealed.

Three costumes intended for Wonder Woman's maiden season sounds odd, especially considering the stylistic similarity of the two seen thus far.  But producers might be going for both and updated and a classic look - and considering the negative reactions thus far, a little fanservice in the new series couldn't hurt.

If you believe Greenblatt, the final costume is the one that Wonder Woman fans have been waiting for:

"There was an initial outcry about the long pants - you know, skintight pants as opposed to those little shorts. They are actually used in the final confrontation when she beats Veronica Cale (played by Elizabeth Hurley)."

Greenblatt was reffering to the costume sported by Lynda Carter in the original 1970s TV series. Carter's costume was a pretty faithful recreation of Wonder Woman's comic book outfit, and emulating the look for Palicki would go a long way towards assuaging doubtful comic aficionados.

Adrianne Palicki and Lynda Carter in costume.

Wonder Woman fans, take note: the president's comments spill a pretty major plot point for the first season. We already knew that Hurley's Veronica Cale would be a major villain, but it looks like she'll be a consistent presence on the show for at least the first season, leading to a confrontation and defeat.

The president dismissed the idea that fan feedback resulted in a redesign for the second leaked costume. “We haven’t made any changes from what was planned.” Greenblatt said he'd rather have a passionate response from fans than a lukewarm one, even if that response is overwhelmingly negative.

When asked about a fall premiere for Wonder Woman, Greenblatt wouldn't commit to a firm timetable. While NBC would surely like to have the initial episodes ready for premiere season, that may not be possible, considering the extensive work required in filming and post production.

So, will David E. Kelley's take on Wonder Woman please the crowd, or fizzle like The Cape and No Ordinary Family already have this year? Viewers will decide when the new series (eventually) premieres.

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Source: TV Line

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