New Wonder Woman Concept Art Reveals Initial Ares Design

A new piece of concept art from Wonder Woman shows off a more barbaric take on Ares, the movie's main villain. While Wonder Woman was always destined to perform well at the box office thanks to the main character's popularity, everyone has been surprised just how well the movie has done.

For one thing, it's become the highest grossing film of the summer so far. But more impressively, at least for a DCEU film, it's won over critics and fans alike. Even other creatives are enamored with the film, as everyone from Frank Miller to Sigourney Weaver to Chris Hemsworth has the sung the praises of Wonder Woman. Given all of that positive feedback and the film's financial success, a sequel has been inevitable for months. Not only will Patty Jenkins be returning to helm the project, but the script is already being written. And earlier this week, a 2019 release date for the film was even locked down.

Considering how hard it's been for some DCEU projects to even keep writers or directors, it's a testament to Wonder Woman's success that its sequel is moving forward so quickly. And with the first film nearing the end of its run, fans are getting more behind-the-scenes looks at the movie. Peter Mckinstry just posted a new piece of concept art showing off a different take on the villain of Wonder Woman, Ares. Check it out:

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While the final version of the character is more inspired by Medieval warriors, this take offers a more primal version of the character. Not only is his helm a skull, but he has a fiery sword, minimal armor, and no shoes. It's hard to say why this unique and intriguing take on the character wasn't used, but it could be due to his resemblance to Steppenwolf. The latest Justice League trailer gave us our first good look at the movie's villain -- outside of toy reveals.

Already, he looks a good bit like Ares from Wonder Woman. Given how long the upcoming film has been in development, the two villains were likely compared early on and made to look somewhat different. Then again, they share a number of features in the comics to begin with, so not a lot could be done without drastically changing things. While Diana will be back later this year before her second adventure arrives in 2019, Wonder Woman is still in theaters for any fans wanting to experience the film again.

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Source: Peter Mckinstry

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