Wonder Woman Concept Art Features Diana's Fight Against Ares

[SPOILERS for Wonder Woman.]


It has been over a month since Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman hit theaters, and now new concept art showing Diana Prince's epic battle with Ares, the God of War, has surfaced online. Gal Gadot made her highly anticipated debut as Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice last year, and then she reprised her role earlier this summer in Jenkins' Wonder Woman movie, which gave audiences a peek into who the Princess of Themyscira was before she became Earth's savior.

In Wonder Woman, Diana accompanied Captain Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) from Themyscira back to London, and then to the frontlines of World War I, where she hoped to find and defeat Ares, the ancient god who she believed was manipulating men to fight each other. After all, Trevor did refer to the war as the "war to end all wars." Although she exhibited extraordinary powers, strength, and skills throughout the movie, it was in the third act, during her climactic battle with Ares, that the full extent of her powers was realized for the first time -- when she discovered that she was also a god.

Yesterday, concept artist Joshua Min unveiled a series of new concept art images on ArtStation, showcasing various points from the movie -- from Diana rescuing and meeting Steve for the first time to her standing amidst dozens of dead bodies in the village of Veld -- including her ultimate fight with Ares.

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Looking at not only Diana's fight with Ares but also all the other concept art pieces that Min released, it's surprising just how faithful the movie was to the art. Unfortunately, the filmmaking industry tends to use concept art as just that; they don't usually recreate them, so much as build off of them. In this case, however, the movie's scenes are near recreations of the concept art that Min created, and that's something that he's taking pride in by sharing them online. The question is, will the same happen with Wonder Woman 2, which Jenkins and DC Films' head honcho Geoff Johns are currently working on?

Since Justice League takes place almost an entire century after the events of Wonder Woman and World War I, that means there are decades of stories worth exploring in future sequels. Screen Rant recently obtained information that suggested the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel will take place during the Cold War and possibly feature the return of Chris Pine's Steve Trevor, who sacrificed himself to save millions in the first movie. However, it may be awhile before we hear any official news regarding the upcoming sequel, considering that the studio is reportedly waiting until after Justice League releases before solidifying its schedule.

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Source: Joshua Min

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