A Wonder Woman Comic Book Just Sold For Nearly A Million Dollars

A Wonder Woman comic has recently been sold for almost a million dollars which makes it the most expensive female-led comic book issue to be ever auctioned. The iconic DC character has just made her big splash on the big screen with Gal Gadot playing the Diana Prince back in June treading the character's origins furthering the franchise-building of the DC Extended Universe. It has made quite a performance in the box office - securing $800 million in ticket sales globally and was also well received by critics. And as it turns out, the popularity of the Amazonian Princess reinforced by her smashing debut standalone transcends media formats proven by the record-breaking sale made.

Since the rise of superhero movie franchises in Hollywood, even casual movie going fans have developed a penchant for these epic blockbusters based on characters who have long existed in the pages of the comic books. But for those who have been a fan of these colorful booklets before they were even sourced out to be translated to the big screen, they know that certain issues have more value than others including the now famous All Star Comics #8.

The issue, which was bought for a whopping  $936,000 was posted on ebay from certified dealer Pristine Comics which has previously sold Action Comics #1 in 2014 for $3.2 million. Wonder Woman first appeared in the recently sold, immensely expensive comic book which was released in December 1941 -- making it almost 75 years old but is still in pristine condition.

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman

Along with All Star Comics #8, two other Wonder Woman centric comic books have been auctioned for very steep prices. Sensation Comics #1 which was released in January 1942 and the Amazonian Princess's cover debut was sold for almost $400 thousand, while the first full length comic devoted exclusively to the superhero Wonder Woman #1, which was released just months after in July 1942, was sold for more than $220,000. This three-piece set definitively tracks the beginning of the character's long and storied comic book history.

The trio of sales made is not shabby at all in terms of return of investments, especially that each of the comic books only costed 10 cents originally. That said, a chunk of the proceeds from the deal is said to be going to be donated to  Trafficking Hope - a non-profit organization that relentlessly work to prevent human trafficking - which in turn perpetuates what Wonder Woman stands for and that is to help those who cannot help themselves and promote goodwill on Earth.

Meanwhile, fans' newfound love affair wth Wonder Woman will continue later this year when joins the rest of DC's biggest superheroes on the big screen in Justice League. Batman, Superman, Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg and Gadot's Amazonian goddess is set to battle the evil alien Steppenwolf and his legion of Parademons.

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Source: It's Just All Comics

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