Darkseid's Daughter Becomes Ruler of The Amazons?

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Wonder Woman #44


The Amazons are in trouble, and Wonder Woman can't protect them from their new commander, Darkseid's daughter. In recent issues, Wonder Woman has been fighting Darkseid with her father, Zeus - while also trying to save her brother from the villain's plotting. In Wonder Woman #44 Diana is pretty much on her own, despite the fact that she's struggled to match Darkseid with the help of the entire Justice League in the past (as the villain is more than happy to point out).

Even with her superpowered brother Jason by her side, and the always trusty Steve Trevor, Darkseid has some backup of his own. He's fighting with his usual cohort of parademon minions and his daughter, Grail. Wonder Woman #44 starts right in the middle of this epic battle, and doesn't let up until part of Darkseid's latest plan is revealed: to invade Themyscira, and turn the entirety of the Amazons into his enslaved warriors.

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As Wonder Woman and Darkseid are duking it out, Grail and Jason are also going toe to toe (and referencing their shared romantic history, to boot). While all this is happening, Darkseid's minions are busy collecting relics for an unknown reason. It turns out Darkseid and Grail did their homework, and when they manage to put the relics together, a portal is revealed... straight to Themyscira.

Wonder Woman has been desperate to return home for some time, but soon discovers that the old legends holds true: the magic of Themyscira means that anyone who has chosen to leave the island can never return. Grail, on the other hand, is able to pass through the portal easily thanks to being the daughter of an Amazon, and having never set foot on the island.

Of course, Grail's homecoming isn't a sweet one (or even bittersweet). This immensely powerful character is loyal to her father, and is ultimately serving his own desires and latest plan. As she leaps through the portal, she brings with her a weapon on her arm. As the Amazons assemble in confusion as to this new visitor, Grail acts fast - blasting the Amazons and instantly transforming them into parademons, before any can even offer resistance.

With Diana forced to watch as her parademon sisters come flooding out of the portal under Grail and Darkseid's trall, and unable to cross through the portal to defeat Grail, things are looking dire. Grail's Apokoliptian weapon seems powerful enough to take out any Amazon she encounters, which really only leaves one option. It may have to be Jason who crosses over to take her down. Because Jason was spirited away from the island as soon as he was born, he should also be able to return by the same rule as Grail (having never chosen to leave willingly).

We would say it's time for Jason and Grail to bring their relationship to a close, and for Jason to finally return home... but there's one problem. The brother of Wonder Woman, as the "first man to set foot on Themyscira" was first revealed as part of a mysterious prophecy back in "Darkseid War." The plan to make that prophecy come true was hatched by Grail and her mother. If you ask us, this is all seeming a little too much like coincidence.

Things may be about to go from bad to worse.

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Wonder Woman #44 is available now from DC Comics.

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