'Biker' Wonder Woman Joins The DC Comic Multiverse

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS up to Gotham City Garage #6


Finally, the 'biker' vision of Wonder Woman that launched DC's Gotham City Garage has arrived. Typically, when a major comic publisher looks to launch not an "alternate" take on their best heroes, it's their best redesigned looks and costumes that take the spotlight. But Gotham City Garage is no ordinary comic series. To this point it's been a new Supergirl (Jim Gordon's daughter) who has led the series into its desolate, motorcycle-ruled wasteland - with the unforgettable leather-clad, sword-swinging, biker Wonder Woman nothing but a legend.

That's thankfully changed in Gotham City Garage Chapter 11, with Diana entering the story just in time to prove the legends are true. This biker Wonder Woman may have a different costume, origin, and vehicle of choice than DC fans are used to, but she's still the same heroine at heart. Which is particularly good news for Supergirl, in need of some superhuman training. It's just as bad news for Gotham City Garage's version of Batman, who learns that a cape and a chip on your shoulder are no match for an Amazon's fist... or boot. Or sword. Or shield.

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For those unfamiliar with the premise or origins of Garage as a Digital First DC comic, the credit for its existence really is due to the visual design. Imagined as a line of DC Collectible statues framing Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman as an impromptu biker gang, the responses were overwhelming. An entire comic series set in the world of Gotham City Garage was soon pitched, and writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing went to work.

The story of a world that never met Superman was key. Batman became a fascist Judge Dredd. Under big brother's watch, Jim Gordon kept Supergirl's identity a secret, until she fled Lex Luthor's police state and crashed straight into the biker-ized versions of Harley and Catwoman. Just two of what would soon become close to a dozen outlaws of DC's quirky queendom, occupying a Mad Max frontier.

Yet the impact of that original Wonder Woman design, and the questions it implied persisted. Was this Diana still a hero? Would her time as a lone wolf make her a harsher, less heroic archetype? Would she be a rebel without a cause, or a Furiosa-like commander of her DC sisters? It took Batman dismantling every other female fury to get an answer, but one thing is certain: now that Wonder Woman has arrived, she's not going anywhere. Especially not now that she's crossed paths with Kara Gordon, another superpowered woman who's the last of her race, as well. No better time to start a new family - provided they all live through their current predicament.

Fans interested in reading this adventure for themselves can do so by picking up physical collected copies of Gotham City Garage #6, or read this Digital First series digitally, with new issues releasing every week. If seeking this story out through digital services, the ballad of 'Biker Wonder Woman' can be found in Gotham City Garage Chapter 11.

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Gotham City Garage #6 is available now.

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