Wonder Woman Cinematographer Reveals His Favorite Scene to Shoot

[SPOILERS for Wonder Woman ahead.]


The cinematographer behind Wonder Woman has revealed which scene from the film was their favorite to shoot. A lot of the praise for the DC Extended Universe movie is going to names like director Patty Jenkins, as well as stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine - and rightfully so, given their utmost importance to the final product's quality. It's nonetheless worth taking the time to recognize the other personnel who worked behind-the-scenes on Wonder Woman too, including cinematographer Matthew Jensen.

It takes a lot of skill and talent to shoot a big-budget blockbuster, and Jensen adeptly worked side by side with Jenkins to craft memorable action sequences and a striking visual style for Wonder Woman - varying from the gloomy, bleak setting of World War I-era Europe to the scenic, gorgeous Amazonian island of Themyscira.

Slashfilm sat down with Jensen to talk about his work on Wonder Woman. Among the many interesting details from the interview, Jensen revealed his favorite scene to shoot in the film:

What was your favorite scene to shoot?

My favorite scene, it turned out really great in the cut, and it was a beautiful, magical couple of nights when we shot it, was the dance sequence with Diana and Steve in Veld with the snow falling. They were so great when they were shooting together on set, we had music on set and it was a beautiful night, even though it was really cold. There was a romance in the air when we were shooting it, and I think that carried across in the movie.

Concept art for the 'Dance Sequence' in Wonder Woman

The scene takes place right after the major "No Man's Land" action sequence, where Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor's ragtag gang defeat a whole squadron of German soldiers and save a small village. Steve and Diana share a quiet dance as the town celebrates, and Diana experiences snowfall for the first time in her life. It's a gorgeous scene that is vital towards further establishing the romance between the two. According to Jensen, these smaller moments are just as rewarding to shoot as the big action set pieces:

So it was one of the more intimate scenes that you connected to, rather than action.

Yeah, [with] action sequences, there’s so many little pieces that it’s sometimes hard to see them, get into the flow of them. When two charismatic people are relating, you can see that when you’re looking through the lens, and that’s the beauty of that kind of thing.

Jensen is best known for television cinematography work, most notably shooting for shows such as Game of Thrones, True Blood, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He also worked with director Josh Trank on his two superhero films Chronicle and 2015's Fantastic Four reboot. His work on Wonder Woman is filled with striking visuals, from the aforementioned snowfall scene to a horrifying image where Diana is surrounded by deadly orange mustard gas. With Wonder Woman being as popular as it is, it won't be surprising if Jensen parlays this into another major blockbuster job in the near future.

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Source: Slashfilm

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